Essay about Analysis of John Steinbeck´s Paradox and Dream

Essay about Analysis of John Steinbeck´s Paradox and Dream

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Americans strive to obtain the American dream, but they fail to realize that it is our own dissatisfaction and anger that get in our way of keeping the American dream alive. John Steinbeck’s, “Paradox and Dream”, describes these paradoxes that linger in almost all Americans lives. Steinbeck shows how Americans believe in these things, but they contradict them by the actions they take or the words we say. He describes how Americans are dissatisfied, angry and intemperate. John Steinbeck portrayed a negative attitude towards Americans and their ideals by displaying how most are dissatisfied and angry, intemperate and opinionated, and believe in these certain things about ourselves that are not always true.

First, John Steinbeck shows how Americans are dissatisfied and angry with many things in their life. There is a paradox that states “We find our time searching for security, and hate it when we get it.” This shows that no matter what Americans want, once they get it they are always searching for more. When Americans achieve what they have been striving for, they always go above and beyond to be number one. Also, Steinbeck explains how Americans convince themselves that their country has the greatest government in the world, but we find every little problem with it and do nothing to change it. Americans say how much they love the government, but when people disagree with something, they complain, get frustrated, and become so opinionated that they do not even bother trying to understand other peoples’ views. The American dream is wanted by so many people. They want the perfect house, the perfect family, and the perfect neighborhood. We all want the American dream but most of us do not even stay in the same house for more than fiv...

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...a foot outside. These myths that Americans believe show how they create high standards for themselves, but they do not always fulfill these standards. They contradict the myths with the actions they actually take.

In “Paradox and Dream”, John Steinbeck creates a negative attitude towards American people and the ideals they have. He uses paradoxes to show how Americans are unappeased and frustrated with many things, they are only focused on their own opinions and are intemperate, and lastly Americans believe in these fables about themselves that are not always true. Those who read “Paradox and Dream” need to realize that sometimes people take things for granted. They also have to notice the actions that they take in order for them to be on top, which is not right.

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