Essay about Analysis Of John King 's Green Grass

Essay about Analysis Of John King 's Green Grass

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Thomas King’s Green Grass, Running Water challenges the prevalent idea of colonial history. King retells and revisions the past in order to convey the post colonial ideas. King uses the creation stories, the four Indians, the narrative, and the three vanishing cars to argue and revise the effects of North America’s history on the Blackfoot people and the telling of the past. From the moment in which Christopher Columbus reached the New World in 1492, it was thought to be the initial discovery of North America (Christopher Columbus). King sets his book in 1992, 500 years after Columbus’ voyage. King’s telling of the past and their effects of colonial history are displayed in the novel.
Green Grass, Running Water attempts to rewrite the stories of creation. The stories that King uses are stories in which helped to “colonize” the “New World” (Gomez-Vega 5). By revising these stories, Kind takes away the power from the white man and aligns the story with nature, which is a predominant aspect of Blackfoot life. The role of the 4 Indians is “to get [the creation stories] right” (King 14). The the bible, it is said that God created the heavens and the earth, that hovered over water. In the prologue GOD is concerned with the water, "Where did all that water come from? shouts that GOD” (King 3). “King displaces God 's role in creation” (Cox 5). In the story of First Women she is placed in a garden, with Ahdamn, that is already practicing civility. Ahdamn’s attempt to rename the animals in the garden with industrialized names represents the Europeans belief of being the first people in the New World. There is a difference between the popular Adam and Eve story and Kings creation story. In King’s story, GOD acts out of aberrant behaviour ...

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...tions” (Cox 20). King uses the cars to demonstrate the effects of colonization on the Blackfoot people and to retell their story.
Green Grass, Running Water cultivates the idea of Canadian colonial past. King uses the novel to retell the past and recognize the effects that it has to the Blackfoot community. This is predominant through the use of the creation stories, the 4 Indians, the narrative, and 3 vanishing cars that. King uses these in retelling the past and reversing some of the effects that colonization had on the Blackfoot people. The satire of the popular western creation stories, the circularity of the Native Narrative, the Indians roles in changing the world, and the metaphoric reference to Columbus’s ships, all argue and help to revise the effects that the settlement of Europeans had on the Blackfoot people, and how the people seek to retell their past.

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