Analysis Of John Hassler 's Staggerford, A Spotlight Is Shining On Miles Pruitt And Beverly Bingham

Analysis Of John Hassler 's Staggerford, A Spotlight Is Shining On Miles Pruitt And Beverly Bingham

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In John Hassler’s novel Staggerford, a spotlight is shining on Miles Pruitt and Beverly Bingham. Beverly Bingham, Miles’ student, preyed on Miles until he fell to his knees. If Beverly had never shown interest in him, Miles would not have thought of her as anything but a student. She was relentless, and that is all it took for Miles to write, “Don’t tell me I’m falling in love with the Bonewoman’s daughter” (Hassler 112). Their growing scandal was based on convenience and not on love.
When being introduced to the characters, sometimes we learn about their appearance, personalities, profession, or history. Miles is a single man who does not have a successful love life. His first love, Carla Carpenter, was a distant girl (by choice) who ended up marrying Miles’ brother Dale. When Anna Thea Hayworth came along, Miles seems to fancy her but never did anything about it. He has nicknamed her Thanatopsis, but she married Wayne Workman, Staggerford’s principal. Miles does not get along with Wayne, probably due to his liking of Anna Thea. As for nonromantic relationships, Miles has is a friendship with the librarian Imogene Kite. Miles describes her as “too tall and bloodless to be attractive” (Hassler 29). On impulse, Miles kisses Imogene for no reason; this proves that Miles is desperate, lonely, and incapable of having clear feelings. The last girl that has an impact on Miles romantic life is Beverly Bingham. She is described as “pretty and quick and cleareyed” (Hassler 12). She comes from a hopeless home and that has made an impact on her confidence in her future. Even though she is a successful student, Beverly relies on Miles to prove that she is good enough to go to college.
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...chool, and then we assume she moves on with her life. If she really loved Miles, John Hassler would have made the death of Miles create a larger impact on Beverly. There are so many ways that Miles’s death could have been prevented; most of which Beverly could have done. She could have told somebody about her mother supposedly murdering the salesman earlier, gotten rid of the gun at her house, or waited for her insane mother to calm down after all of the commotion at her house. None of that happened. I do not think Beverly cared about Miles or anyone else for that matter. All she wants is to live a different life where she does not have to be embarrassed about where she lives. She will confide in whoever is convenient and an easy target. She will continue to hunt for this pursuit of security until she is finally satisfied. However, vampires are never fully satisfied.

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