Analysis Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy 's The President Of The United States

Analysis Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy 's The President Of The United States

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Nick Gentry Professor Trish Ivey English 1101-60822 01 July 2015 Who Really Shot Kennedy? The Other Guy In the year of 1963 the President of the United States was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was in the middle of a reelection campaign, but during a crucial stop in the state of Texas a sequence of events ultimately mounted to the assassination of the beloved man-though obviously, somebody sought him dead. The question is who was that someone really. The obvious explanation and evidence points the guilty party out as Lee Harvey Oswald; however, there are many other plausible questions left unanswered with this simple explanation. Any President of the United States (Leader of the Free World) is going to attract a sizable amount of critics from several sources, but there are bureaucratic agencies charged with important national security matters-like keeping the President safe via intelligence-such as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). It might therefore make sense that any United States President would wisely make allies with the CIA by showing some respect to the leaders within it,yet President John F. Kennedy made enemies with the agency 's director, Allen Dulles. It is in fact thought that this ego was the one who really assassinated the 35th President of the United States because he removed Dulles from his position at the CIA along with others. Background on CIA and Allen Dulles According to the CIA 's government website, "The Central Intelligence Agency was created in 1947 with the signing of the National Security Act by President Harry S. Truman;" the Act also created a leader of the CIA known as the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) ("About CIA"). This person 's duties involved "acting as the principal adviser to the P...

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...for readers that Dulles had a motive and very extensive classified resources at his disposal to undermine the Leader of the Free World of the early 1960s and cover it up. According to the CIA 's web article written by Sherman Kent "Allen Welsh Dulles: 1893-1969.," "[Dulles] was the living and highly visible exemplar of the inspired master and the expert journeyman in his tireless efforts to defend the faith and serve his country" (Kent). Dulles himself died in 1969, and many of the other parties involved in the assassination have passed away as well. The world, then, may never know who really was behind the odd, circumstantial, and untimely death of the very popular yet controversial 35th President of the United States. It is still the belief that Allen Dulles was the mastermind behind the implausibly oversimplified explanation of who shot President John F. Kennedy.

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