Analysis Of John F. Kennedy 's Political Campaign Essays

Analysis Of John F. Kennedy 's Political Campaign Essays

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During John F. Kennedy’s political campaign, there were many issues present that the candidate had to address: there was tension due to the communist threat, tension among American citizens due to the Civil Rights movement, and a recent recession that was very sluggish in recovering. Relating to these issues President Kennedy’s slogan was “getting America moving again”; these topics are addressed in a fast and effective manner in his minute-long television ad that was endorsed by the group: Citizens for Kennedy-Johnson. This ad was the best way to reinforce President Kennedy’s stance on the emergence of a new frontier. He was able to depict himself as a man of change and new beginnings due to his fresh perspective and young age which was a feature the Nixon camp tried to use against him. ...

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...s; a man who is hopeful and patriotic. His name is being cemented into the mind of the audience because there is not one frame or the passing of at least 10 seconds without his name being repeated. One might think that this is a simple ad with humor but it has much deeper symbolism than that. There are images of soldiers who are happy during a time of war, why? Because Kennedy is on their side. There are elderly people who, despite being in a recession, are hopeful they will benefit through the election of this candidate, there is a sense of hope and joy throughout all these images, as if there would be no more despair if he were to enter the Oval office. These techniques are what makes a TV ad effective, these signals — the use of elderly people, minorities, and soldiers— are what the candidates wants you to know are important without ever mentioning them directly.

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