Analysis Of Jodi Picoult 's ' Thrilling Nineteen Minutes Follows The Lives Of Two Teenagers '

Analysis Of Jodi Picoult 's ' Thrilling Nineteen Minutes Follows The Lives Of Two Teenagers '

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Jodi Picoult’s thrilling Nineteen Minutes follows the lives of two teenagers, Peter Houghton and Josie Cormier, who both are succumbed by bullying, either it be family or school. The two sadly face external and internal injuries which come with the harsh action of bullying which can cause people to become reserved or have other reach a breaking point. Peter and Josie relationship may contrast from the ways they were raised but yet strongly share a common case of pain. The issue of bullying led the to a breaking point for which caused them to go pass a point of no return for these teens to find a way to bring an unconventional end to their pain.
Peter past is series of tragic events, having to deal with bullying with no protective interference by his family or school, which that problem alone could cause some form of internal injury especially to Peter’s own self-confidence. He was picked on at a young age with other kids picking on him for instance one boy, “opened a window and hurled Peter’s lunch box out of ” (pg.66). The boy could have been stopped by his older brother Joey but he did nothing possibly for that it was he who had started the bullying. This explained further when Jordan, Peter’s attorney, is asking of if, “Joey wouldn’t stick up for you if you were being bullied?”, (pg 185) with Peter quickly responding,” Are you kidding? Joey was the one to start it.” (pg 186). Peter would go on and list things Joey would do to him by spouting lies about him. These acts wouldn’t physically hurt Peter but leave emotional scars especially since his own mother would go and try to make him “stronger” by telling Peter “The next time it happens, you have to stick up for yourself. You have to, Peter, or I ...I’m going to have to punish...

... middle of paper ...!’... ‘Are you fucking stupid?” Peter would respond to him to “Don’t talk to her like that.”(pg 440). Peter though all this turmoil still stand up for a friend who he generally cares about. Josie in this moment finally is able to let go of all her problems by shooting Matt as well as Peter making the final shot to him.
They went through so much dealing with bullying and the social hierarchy that nothing mattered. For Peter this action was less of revenge but a end to the story of life, wanting to go out in control with no more pain being done to him. For Josie this was a new beginning also being in control. The two in this horrifying moment feel different as though the had no pressure no injuries to deal with. In a time of great pain they were both able to walk out in total control of who they are, being able to set their own lives with nothing holding them down.

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