Analysis Of Jimmy Sees Jen Sitting Essay

Analysis Of Jimmy Sees Jen Sitting Essay

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Jimmy sees Jen sitting on the steps when he pulls up to their apartment. As he gets closer he notices a pile of cigarette butts lying beside her. He sees her eyes was red and swollen as she continued to puff away.
"I thought you gave up that habit?"
"I did, but with all this stress I needed something to calm my nerves. Please tell me what 's going on," she begs. Stubbing out her cigarette she starts to lights another."
"You 're going to die of emphasis before you 're thirty," he says, taking the cigarette away."
"Tell me what 's going on!" She demands.
"Your husbands got himself in a little trouble."
"I know that, but what?"
"Let 's go upstairs where we can talk privately," he says, eyeing the car across the street.
"I want another cigarette."
"I think you 've had plenty." Once they get back to the apartment Jimmy quickly explains what 's going on. Including the phone situation.
"So he tried robbing a house and now he 's wanted for murder?"
"That 's what he told me."
"That stupid idiot! What was he thinking, robbing houses? If he 'd told me we were needing money that bad I 'd gladly taken a job."
"I know you would 've, but you know Tommy and his pride."
"Oh, I know it too well. Damn hard headed fool. I ought to smack him upside his head for putting his family through all of this shit." Jumping out of her chair. Jen begins pacing the floor.
"Now what are we going to do? How am I going to survive without Tommy around? I 'll have to take a job, maybe two. Who will watch the boys when I 'm at work? What about Tommy, he can 't run forever. What are we going to do, Jimmy? What are we going to do?"
"Calm down Jen."
"How can I stay calm when my husband is running from the law?"
"We 'll figure out something, but first, you need to calm dow...

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... and I 'm sorry to wake you so early, but the police are on my ass and I don 't know who else to turn to."
"The police what? Wait, you 're playing a practical joking on me right?"
"No, I 'm dead serious. I 'm running from the law."
"Nice try man, but it didn 't work."
"Wait, don 't hang up." The line went dead Tommy redials the number.
"Listen to me man, the police believe I killed the husband and wife they found in the house yesterday."
"You didn 't, did you?" Mike asks, quickly sitting up.
"Of course not. I found them in their bed when I tried to rob the place, now the police think I killed them."
"You have to go to the police and straighten it all out."
"And take the chance of being thrown in jail?"
"It 's better than running from the cops for the rest of your life, isn’t it?"
"Will you help me?"
"What do you want me to do?"
"Meet me at the park in ten minutes."

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