Analysis Of Jihadist And Girl Power Subculture Essay

Analysis Of Jihadist And Girl Power Subculture Essay

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Jihadist and Girl Power Subculture
In this recent New York Times’ article, Katrin Behold highlights the motives and complex minds of three young Muslim girls from Bethnal Green, East London. These girls embark on a perilous journey to Syria seeking morality outside of their accustomed religion. Young women of the Muslim religion are beginning to succumb to the direction of Isis, this is due impart to extreme restrictions that are being imposed on them by their community. This leads them to question their faith and religion of belonging in their culture. Rules forced upon them by their strict religious custom leaves them feeling helpless and ignoble in their culture. Double standards and tight restrictions tend to focus more on women than men, putting strain and pressure on women to feel obligated to dress or act a certain way within their community. Men are allowed infinite freedom to partake in indecent hobbies that include drinking which is strictly forbidden, dating outside of religion, and listening to music. Men are least likely to be criticized or banished from their community if they were to do something wrong but for a women there would be serious consequences such as expulsion from their religion. Women are not even allowed to exercise in public because it would be inadequate for young women to reveal their figure through their attire while engaging in physical activity, many Islamic leaders consider this to be sexually enticing toward the men. Young women and girls in general are especially vulnerable to becoming radicalized and recruited by Isis, due to their community placing so many laws among women. Islamic leaders tend to care more about their values based on how they think a young women should act based on thei...

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... heard, which was a big contributor among the three young girls resulting in them running away to find peace and more freedom to actively voice their opinions in Syria. Particular incidents similar to that of the Bethnal Green Girls are starting to get prep people to be more aware of situations like these to try to prevent them from happening. Events like these will continue to arise if they are continuously avoided and not dealt with properly and an increased number of young girls will continue to cross over towards Syria to join Isis. Young women and girls have rights and opinions which needed to be heard just as much a men. Our young women will continue to fall victim to Isis unless they are heard. Someone need to start speaking up and asking questions so that this act of rebellion can stop allowing girls to have more freedom and prosperity along the way in life.

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