Analysis Of Jetblue 's Marketing Strategy Essay

Analysis Of Jetblue 's Marketing Strategy Essay

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1. Which of the three generic strategies (Cost leadership, Differentiation, and Focus) is JetBlue following? Discuss how information systems is used in JetBlue to support its strategy.
JetBlue follows the differentiation generic strategy in their business. The differentiation strategy focuses on persuading consumers that a service or product is better than its competitors. JetBlue supported this strategy in many ways, providing more advantages for their consumers. JetBlue began with research on other airlines to identify their service trends so they could adapt and adopt these services to benefit JetBlue. They identified a huge strategic advantage over larger and older airlines because they realized that they could achieve tasks more efficiently using information technology. As the book states, “The company’s success was the result of understanding customers’ priorities and gaining marked efficiencies through automating whatever IT can automate.” They realized that with the use of IT they would be able to gain greater advantages by reducing cost, leading to a reduction is cost for consumers, ultimately improving services. They began by automating their services and using a software that their CEO Neeleman developed. This system allows for a combination of services including, a reservation system, accounting system, sales tracking, and supports customer service and sales tracking. By having this system, JetBlue is able to avoid the costs of travel agents and offices for their employees. Employees are able to work from home and most customers buy tickets online, which reducing labor costs. With reduction in costs from employees and other expenses, JetBlue is able to offer lower ticket prices to their employees making giving them a h...

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...a phone call, using a system to analyze data for your company or even making a Facebook post. Some may say that we consume ourselves with technology, especially in my age’s generation. It is hard to separate the online world to the real world which has many positives and negatives in our everyday life. One of the main reasons that I agree we are in the age of the software economy is because without all of the technology and advances we have encountered regarding technology, the world would not be as successful as it is today. We would not have the resources to accomplish things that may seem so easy to us, something that we could tap one button and it would be done. The world is benefiting from advancements in software. With my major International Business but specifically my concentration, Global Supply Chain Management, the software economy will play a huge role.

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