Analysis Of Jeffrey Bennett 's Beyond Ufos Essay

Analysis Of Jeffrey Bennett 's Beyond Ufos Essay

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There is strong evidence showing life in the universe is possible; it may even be out in the stars today. The basic necessities for life are easily found in most worlds. Taking into account the size of the universe, it is astounding that the Earth shares so many characteristics with other planets. The environmental requirements are basic for all types of life making the possibilities endless.
In Jeffrey Bennett’s novel “Beyond UFOS” the author discusses the probability that life could exist somewhere out in space. Bennett identified organic molecules found in space and they are, in fact, the compounds required to create life forms (Bennett 18). With these compounds being found on other planets, the prospect of life is promising. Bennett states, “the building blocks of life are common and that life arose quickly here on Earth” (Bennett 88). If life is possible on Earth, it is quite probable that it could have arisen at some point somewhere else in the numerous galaxies.
It is common knowledge that the universe is vast and extremely large; it is also common, however, to forget just how massive the universe is. Bennett reminds non-believers, “With as many stars as grains of sand on all Earth’s beaches, it might seem almost impossible to believe that ours could be the only planet with life and a civilization” (Bennett 15). Not only is the author suggesting that life is not only possible, but also that it could be civilized. With the number of stars being so numerous, Bennett reveals, “it is virtually inevitable that planets similar to those in our solar system exist in other star systems, making primitive life equally likely in those systems” (Bennett 13). The author’s explanation proves that aliens have to exist somewh...

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...o are visiting Earth are so far beyond us that there’s virtually no chance of them leaving evidence behind by accident” (Bennett 61). Considering how far the United States has come in advancing technology, it is completely logical to believe that if aliens were advanced enough to visit, the public wouldn’t know unless the aliens desired them to know. Although aliens may not have visited us, the odds that they exist are undeniable (Bennett 60).
With Bennett’s strong facts, there is no denying that the possibility of life on another planet is very likely. The size of the universe is incomprehensible; there is no way Earth holds the only life in the universe. The similarities between the planets and the simplicity of the compounds required to sustain life only help to prove his point. Life is out in the universe somewhere, the trick is just for humans to find it.

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