Analysis Of Javon Johnson 's Poem ' Cuz He 's Black ' Essay example

Analysis Of Javon Johnson 's Poem ' Cuz He 's Black ' Essay example

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Through the decades, there have been different types of social issues that affect many people. “The personal is political” was a popular feminist cry originating from civil rights movements of the 1960s, called attention to daily lives in order to see greater social issues on our society. This quote can relate back to many social issues that still occur till this day that many people are opposed of. One of the major social issues that still exist today, for example, is discrimination against colored people. In Javon Johnson’s poem, “Cuz He’s Black,” he discusses how discrimination affects many people, especially little kids because they are growing up fearing people who are supposed to protect us. Johnson effectively uses similes, dialogue and historical references to help critique discrimination and how it affects the community. With the use of these elements it helped emphasize how big of an issue discrimination against colored people has become and he expresses how badly people of authority have an effect on the minority of the colored community.
Johnson uses similes, to emphasize the meaning of how it feels when others are stereotyped against someone of color. Johnson writes: “Where I’m from, seeing a cop car drive / down the street feels a lot / like low-flying planes in New York City” (Lines 73-77). Johnson compares the sight of the police to a disaster that could possible occur if a low-flying plane hitting a building in New York City. The low-flying planes hitting a building is a reference to the tragic event on September 11, 2001 when the World Trade Center buildings were attacked and destroyed. The chaos on that day was immense and everyone was terrified. Johnson tried to emphasize how petrified everyone was to lose a l...

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...tragic events that occur they’ll know that they have to be cautious with the police because at any moment they could be a victim as well.
Johnson’s use of different literary elements helps emphasize how kids do not feel safe whenever the police is around. He effectively critiqued the social issue of racism by using similes, dialogue and historical references. He was able to show that many people are affected by discrimination and that people of color should not have to live in constant fear whenever a police officer is going to ruin their life. The fact that people are still treated differently due to their skin color is shameful because as a society living in 2016, everyone should treat each other equally. Everyone should start putting their differences aside and stop living in the past because people are still caught up in the past and it’s affected a lot of people.

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