Analysis Of ' Jasper ' And ' The Hole ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Jasper ' And ' The Hole ' Essay

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I wouldn’t think it would take us this long to think of ways to get Jasper out of that room. It’s been a week; the 26th to be exact. Jasper and I were speaking through the hole while eating our dinners. Yes, I was in the bathroom floor, eating my precious night time meal, in my precious PJs. Most people would probably find the fact of eating inside a place where you discharge—a.k.a shit and pee—gross. But I’m a complete and proud sicko who prefers to have company than have none. Jasper was—as usual—on the other side of the wall, eating the hotdogs which I managed to put in a plastic. I was able to squeeze three hotdogs per plastic in the hole. I eventually handed him two plastics of the hotdogs, together with rice. He commented on how much he missed this.
“You miss hotdogs?” I asked.
“No, rice and meat in general.”
That week had been hectic since I had double weights on my shoulders. Jasper and I were exchanging ideas regarding his freedom, while I try my best to do it simultaneously with my stressful school work.
“How about we make a huge hole then just cover it up with a curtain or something?” He tried suggesting two days ago. But I insisted it was inadmissible.
It took us a terribly long while to come up with the most acceptable solution since school started kicking in for real and my works and tests were slowly piling up. My mom, on the other hand, managed to call me every single day since she left. Despite her work, man, she’s definitely not backing down. She always asked if I need anything and was always concerned if everything was alright. I always had the same response.
I managed to ask Jasper that same day two days ago if he knew someone, or rather trusted anyone enough to let them know about this situation. He instantly ...

... middle of paper ...

...pted my thoughts. “Ellie?” My eyes shifted to the hole, only to see his fingers reaching out something dark in color. I took it, my fingers grazing his. It was a rose petal. He reached it out one after the other until I had enough to lay it out on the floor. I looked at it all and smiled. I couldn’t make out the right words to say. I couldn’t quite say anything but “I’ll get you out there soon, okay?”
I will. No matter what it takes.
I knew he hasn’t been to the other side of the room since his mother passed. And now that he actually had the flower petals with him shows that he had conquered one of his fears. And it was for me. I leaned my head back into the wall and counted the rose petals.
“I admire you Eleanor.” I heard him say.
I remained silent, but deep inside, I admired him too.
I thought: maybe we were just caught up in the moment.
But I didn’t really care.

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