Analysis Of Ivan Pavlov 's Theory Of Psychology Essay

Analysis Of Ivan Pavlov 's Theory Of Psychology Essay

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In today’s society, learning takes place everyday. Think back to your childhood and how you learned certain behaviors that you have today. Believe it or not, this can be related to one of the major schools of thought in psychology. A behaviorist studies behaviors that are observable. A peer reviewed article states that behavior is a function of experience according to Johnson, Genevieve Marie (2012.). Environmental associations and consequences shape the way we learn. Behaviorist also look to find more objective and measurable reasoning. Since behaviors could be learned, this brought about the idea of being able to train animals and people into performing task. The idea is that behaviors can be picked up through conditioning. This happens through regular interaction within the environment. The reactions and response to the environment are what cause actions.
Ivan Pavlov’s experimenting with classical conditioning set the tone for new ideas and theories to arise from other behaviorist. A peer reviewed article describes classical conditioning as associative learning that involves repetition of pairing a unconditioned stimulus to a neutral stimulus to evoke responses out of both the unconditioned and neutral stimulus according to Bichler, O., Zhao, W., Alibart, F., Pleutin, S., Lenfant, S., Vuillaume, D., & Gamrat, C. (2013). In simple terms, it is associations between between events. Pavlov’s experiment paired a stimulus (bell) along with food to create a salvation reaction from a dog. In the end, just the sound of the bell would be enough to make the dog salivate. One event from my childhood is a great example of classical conditioning. Getting shots from the doctors as a child caused me to feel anxious when going to the doctors o...

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...ntific, thus trying to rid psychology of introspection. The focus is now on the human subject. Conditioning is proven to be true when pairing a stimulus to a response. The two types of conditioning are behavioral and operant. Both these are used when a child grows and learns new behaviors. Relating this to childhood, all actions require an action. Now the end action can be positive or negative and shows modified behavior. The idea is that a child can be influenced to behave a certain way due reinforcements. Behaviors can be rewarded and modified. The peer reviewed article reiterates that features of behavior are related to personality according to Phelps, B. (2015). Emotional behaviors cause different personality traits and behaviors. In the end, Skinner said “a self or personality is at best a repertoire of behavior imparted by an organized set of contingencies”.

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