Analysis Of ' Into The Wild ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Into The Wild ' Essay

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Into The Wild Essay
Throughout McCandless’s adventure in the Alaskan wild, he made a series of choices. His survival was made possible by his ability to adapt to harsh conditions. The fact that he survived all his ventures and hardships might have been due more to good fortune than his actual preparation and skills. It is theorized that it was his point to make the Alaska trip so difficult, and so barebones, that he wasn’t sure whether he would have been able to survive it or not. This journey, though reckless, makes his adventure into the Alaskan wild that much more admirable. For Chris to live a life with little to no material objects and survive on his own, in itself, is an act of extreme bravery and determination. Some may say that the his execution to his grand adventure was ill mannered. However, they cannot deny that, for the most part, Chris succeeded in his survival of Alaska. Aside from a simple error he made in his final days, Chris McCandless would have succeeded in his goals and walked out of the Alaskan wild.
Chris’s success in surviving the Alaskan wild came from years of surviving by himself. Much of Chris’s grit and personality traits gave him an edge to survive in tough conditions and go on multiple adventures. It was evident in Chris’s childhood that he was a free soul. In an interview with Walt McCandless, he recalls, “‘Chris was fearless even when he was little,’ he says after a long pause. ‘He didn’t think the odds applied to him. We were always trying to pull him back from the edge’” (Krakauer 76). At this time, Chris was only twelve and already very courageous and confident. In instances such as these we can see that Chris’s adventurous and reckless nature came by him naturally. Walt goes on to explain t...

... middle of paper ... so many.
It is evident through his journey, McCandless lived his life the way he wanted. At such a young age, of course he would make mistakes along the way. Being critical of his mistakes won’t take away from what he accomplished, however. As a college graduate, he dropped everything he had to go live off nature and ideals. The thing is, he succeeded. Though he died, he accomplished his goal, and McCandless deserves recognition for that. Through overcoming adversities, using intelligence and ideals to aid him on his journey, and connecting with so many people along the way, McCandless lived a brave and admirable life. There is so much we can learn from him. We should all strive to give live a life of absolute freedom at some point, that McCandless sought. Through it we may gain a much greater collective wisdom, and admiration of nature and the people around us.

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