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Analysis of In the Mood for Love Essay examples

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Released in 2000, and called the "…love story of the new millennium" (Time Out New York), In the Mood for Love (2000) is one of the best and most underrated foreign film. From its nostalgic depiction of the 1960s to its artistically appealing cinematography, this film has become a staple in the ever evolving, fast-paced film industry. Consequently, after having watched it I was in a daze for days, day dreaming about the characters, reimaging their fates, this movie could not leave me. I wouldn’t let it. Furthermore, I was more inclined to analyze In the Mood for Love after having watched another Wong Kar Wai masterpiece, Chung King Express (1994), because the resonating power both these films have had on me are immensely powerful. It is extremely rare when a filmmaker has the ability to really leave a mark on your life, twice. The film, In the Mood for Love is produced under the shroud of the Hong Kong New Wave movement (1978-2000), in particularly the Second Wave. This film movement analyzes major social issues grappling Hong Kong such as decolonization, social class, and the importance of women in a rising global economy. As a result the following analysis will chronicle the details of the Hong Kong Second Wave film movement, along with a detailed description of Wong Kar Wai’s film aesthetics, and a deep evaluation of the acclaimed movie, In the Mood for Love.

Modernization in the 1980s paved the way for the Hong Kong New Wave, as the studio system set up in the 1950s was dismantled, the film industry experienced more freedom. Since decolonization was heavily present 75% of Hong Kong’s box office revenue were home grown movies, while the meager 15% was left for the foreign market. As one can see the political context of Ho...

... middle of paper ...

...rly consumed by this film.

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