Analysis Of ' Imagining The Immigrant ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Imagining The Immigrant ' Essay

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1. In “Imagining the Immigrant,” Savant’s main argument is to argue the moral aspect of the illegal immigration issue. He stresses the importance of imagination. He wants readers to imagine the difficulties that immigrants are facing in their life. Savant tries to make readers feel sympathy for the immigrants. Therefore, he provides two sad stories related to immigrant. He defenses for them and claims their desperations lead their actions. Also, He discusses law and morality. The law is not existed to represent morality. Law can maintain the order of a society, but it cannot solve any moral problems. Last, he discusses people’s reaction to thing that they don’t familiar with, and they tend to resist other cultures. Don’t let caution and fear narrow our vision. He claims if anyone can image border, then this nation can become greater.

In “Race in America,” Love argues that American is not over the race discrimination problem. She develops her argument through opposing Delegate Hargrove’s statement. Hargrove stated “blacks need to get over” slavery because “not a soul today had anything to do with slavery.” Love agrees on some of his argument, because her family was in American when slavery happened. Then she proves race inequities still exist in America. She uses statistics as an evident. Love writes about the high infant mortality rate of black babies and low life expectancies in African-Americans. Also, she mentions the hates groups are still active today. Instead of getting over this issue, love suggests we need to learn more about the history and solve this problem as communities.

In “Breeds of America,” Kelly writes his early personal experience to depict race inequity. As a kid, Kelly didn’t know what...

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...y. The government have decrease the acceptance rate of applicants. Also, it is harder for skilled workers stay in America due to difficulty of apply a job visa. For the race issues, this year, the case of NYPD officer Peter Liang really surprised me. The race inequality does not just exist between Caucasian and African American. This also exist on Asian American and other races. Peter Liang is a scapegoat in this incident, but no one seems to care. Frankly, it is hard for me to actually have a thought on this issue. Penn State does a great job on discrimination issue. Penn State takes this issue very seriously. For the past three years, I haven’t face any kind of discrimination nor any cases of discrimination at Penn State. Everytime when I watch the news about gun shooting case, it is just impossible for me to image me and the victim are living in the same country.

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