Analysis Of `` II Of A Farewell `` And `` Arms `` Essay examples

Analysis Of `` II Of A Farewell `` And `` Arms `` Essay examples

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In Book II of A Farewell to Arms, written by Ernest Hemingway, the narrator and main protagonist, Frederic Henry, traveled to Milan to recover from his injury from a battle in World War I. Frederic Henry is a dynamic character who, in Milan, builds his relations with his lover, Catherine Barkley. Also, Henry encounters many people who may or may not exhibit the traits of a “Hemingway Hero”, a man for whom it is a point of honor to suffer with grace and dignity, and who, sensing that defeat is inevitable, plays “the game” (of life) well. Throughout Book II, round characters, like Frederic and Catherine, build upon their relationship with one another, and Frederic meets many flat characters who may or may not exhibit traits of a “Hemingway Hero”.
Frederic Henry was a lieutenant in the Italian army who was immature, and willing to drink alcohol and go to a brothel when he wanted to have fun or alleviate stress. One of his sexual encounters one night was the beautiful Catherine Barkley. Frederic was never interested in having a serious relationship with a woman, nevermind having a child. He just wanted to have some fun while doing his job. In Book I, Frederic knew that he “did not love Catherine Barkley nor had any idea of loving her” (Hemingway 30). However, Catherine went with Frederic to Milan to help nurse him back to health, and to (potentially) further develop their relationship. That exactly happened: Frederic was nursed back to health, and their relationship became more than a “one-time” sexual encounter. The two truly began to love one another, and Catherine would eventually become pregnant with Frederic’s child. Frederic still used alcohol as a means to alleviate stress, but also found joy in being with Catherine. Ultimate...

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...h one another - one who seems to be quite the dynamic character (Frederic), and one who seems to be less dynamic if potentially static (Catherine). From a literary standpoint, the relationship between Frederic and Catherine is very interesting: it seems only one changes (at least in Book II), and one does not change. And although Hemingway uses the relationship of Frederic and Catherine as characters to help further his purpose, but also uses minor characters like Dr. Valentini and Ettore Moretti to help further his purpose. From what I have read and using my knowledge of Ernest Hemingway, I believe that Hemingway’s purpose in writing A Farewell to Arms is to communicate with his audience that life must be lived instead of worrying about war and what society thinks of the individual. However, I do not know for sure, and will find out later (upon finishing the novel).

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