Analysis Of `` I Won, I 'm Sorry `` Essay

Analysis Of `` I Won, I 'm Sorry `` Essay

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In the article, “I won, I’m Sorry”, Mariah Burton Nelson uses an anecdote in order to begin her article. Sylvia Plath’s attitude is one that is concentrated on conforming to men in order to make them feel comfortable and as the stronger sex. Burton Nelson then shifts to talk about women in sports and how these female athletes behave in order to fit into the gender roles people have become accustomed to. The anecdote is used in order to describe the way women will underscore themselves in order to fit into society’s definition of how a woman should behave.In order to frame her article, Mariah Burton Nelson uses the anecdote about the poet, Sylvia Plath, in order to demonstrate how women conform as a means to fit into gender expectations. This can be seen through her mother’s description of the poet’s behavior, accounts by female athletes, and commercials.

Burton Nelson’s anecdote about Plath provides an example of gender expectations, which portrays a woman’s need to act inferior to men in order to avoid jealousy from men. Plath’s mother introduces Sylvia as a woman who wanted to avoid confrontation with her partner, Ted Hughes, as depicted through the quote, “I am so happy that HIS book is accepted FIRST. It will make it so much easier for me when mine is accepted”. The use of the this quote gives the reader insight of Sylvia’s thinking process and desire to be free from confrontation. This is seen through the capitalization of HIS and First, as she expresses pleasure that her husband’s book will be published first, and her’s second, making it easier for her to accept her accomplishment. This is further proved as the reader can assume that Plath is confident that her book will be accepted, despite not having direct proof. Thi...

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...concern for the actual sport.

Sylvia Plath’s anecdote serves as a frame for Burton Nelson’s article as it allows the viewer to experience how women perceive themselves, which becomes a basis for as to why female athletes struggle to maintain a feminine appearance. Burton Nelson’s use of the anecdote about Sylvia Plath allows the reader to obtain insight of what some people believe femininity to be and allows a contrast to be developed. This is because women who play sports must be able to win without risking their femininity. In order to relate Plath to the rest of her article about female athletes, Burton Nelson uses quotes by Plath’s mother, accounts from female athletes, and mention commercials. The use of these three aspects allows the reader to understand why Plath was used in the beginning, as Plath actions serve as an example of how women are perceived as.

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