Analysis Of ' I Saw Even More, It Wasn 't ' Essay

Analysis Of ' I Saw Even More, It Wasn 't ' Essay

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Last semester my documentary production professor told my classmates and I to avoid making films that were too much like Holocaust or civil rights films. This really struck me as an almost cold statement, however this semester in both this class and the film and Holocaust class that I took I began to understand what he meant. After reading much of Aaron Kerner’s book I saw even more, it wasn’t a statement on the subject matter but the filmic techniques that have been overused in the genres. The most burnt out are the tropes within each film; like the crafty jew trope, the jew as a victim, or as a hero, and the usage of naziploitation. These are all found in films revolving around the Holocaust and the film Europa Europa (Agnieska Holland, 1990) is no exception to this. The most notable trope found in Europa Europa is the crafty jew, there is almost no better example of this trope (The Grey Zone comes pretty close though). Solomon Perel epitomizes this trope by tricking just about every German he counters into believing that he is not of Jewish heritage, to the point where he is thrown in to join the Hitler Youth. However this film does not always feel like a Holocaust film due in part to the fact that it is seldom mentioned and since this boy is being brought up in the Hitler youth he (and the viewer) only hear the lies that were fed to the aryans about the fate of the jewish people. In fact there are times that this film just seems like a tragic romance, the orphan boy pining after the girl from the happy family. The film uses a style that is quite unique to the Holocaust genre while still utilizing the over established tropes for Jewish characters.
Aaron Kerner’s book “Film and the Holocaust: New Perspectives on Dramas, Documen...

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...they cut to a medium shot of Solomon where you can see his eyes darting around the classroom hoping that no one was looking at him during this lecture.
This film also contains a large amount of tension, which makes for a very focused viewing experience. There are many moments throughout the film that make the viewer think along the lines of “there’s no way he’s getting out of this situation” and yet at the last second sure enough he does. It’s just enough to keep the viewer engaged but not so excessive that one gets bored of how predictable the film is. In Hollywood today that is an overused aspect that many people have grown tired of, however in Europa Europa the main character is never in such a ridiculously overwhelmed position. It is just the fact that Solomon has such a big secret that the if the truth were to be revealed it would have devastating consequences.

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