Essay about Analysis Of ' I Lay Dying '

Essay about Analysis Of ' I Lay Dying '

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In As I Lay Dying, there is an underlying situation that really never gets addressed. I think that is how much Anse likes to boss and how he never helps out on the farm. In the book, Anse was not really talked about much other than when something bad would go wrong. If something bad happened then he always made it a point to express how he always had bad luck. In a sense, it almost seemed as if Anse was depressed. He never seemed happy about any of his children’s accomplishments. Instead he would take them away from them.
Jewel worked many nights for a long time while he was also working days at his own farm just so he could get a horse. After he finally got the horse that was the first thing he had that he could actually call his. The first opportunity Anse got, he sold the horse so that he could get mules to haul the wagon with Addie’s coffin in it. When the mules died in the journey across the river, Anse then again talked about how he had the worst luck ever.
Cash also worked very hard for the stuff he had. Cash had all of his own tools and had made enough money to where he started saving it up. Anse also used all of Cash’s savings to help pay for the mules. When Cash is injured in the wagon wreck across the river he broke his leg. Most parents would be so concerned that they would get their child help as soon as possible. Instead of trying to get him help, Anse is too worried about his bad luck and also worried about getting Addie to Jefferson to be buried. Anse was also the one that came up with the idea to put concrete on Cash’s leg to act as a cast. All the cast ended up doing was heating up his leg and making it to where he would probably have to have his leg amputated. If Cash will never be able to use his leg then he ...

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...g to do when it is not. With Darl being gone and Cash most likely never being able to work again Vardaman will have to grow up quick because now he will be one of the main helpers on the farm.
One of the reasons I think that he acts out like that he was overworked as a child. His parents may have worked him like he does his kids now. I think with working his kids as much as he does that that is his ways of trying to get back at them for the childhood he had. I feel as if the only reason Anse got married and had children in the first place was so that he did not have to do any more farm work and so he would have someone to cook and clean his house. I think that Addie was the foundation to the whole family and was able to keep all of them sane. Now that the foundation to the family is gone, Anse let the family fall apart because he was too concerned about himself.

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