Essay about Analysis of I Am Legend Directed by Francis Lawrence

Essay about Analysis of I Am Legend Directed by Francis Lawrence

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I am Legend, directed by Francis Lawrence, is a 2007 American post-apocalyptic dystopian film. Throughout the entire dystopian trailer, the director has used the visual construction of it as the primary device to not only entice the audience, but also deduce the key elements of a dystopia. In doing this, Francis Lawrence has implicated a wide array of visual techniques such as the use camera angles, montages and word inter-titles to aid him in evoking the primary elements of a dystopia.
In the opening scenes of the trailer, already the audience is exposed to the dystopian atmosphere of chaos, social anarchy and oppression. This is promoted by short fast paced montages and high angle shots of the swarmed streets, close angle shots of people in terror and military forces. This also conveys the magnitude of chaos this “dilemma” has caused. A short scene of the main protagonist Robert struggling through the crowd has also been visually constructed to enforce to the audience that he is the main character of this movie. The visual construction of this scene is utilised by a close up slow motion focused shot on Will Smith with the background blurred to completely draw the audience onto him. What is more unique is that this combination of effects acts as an inference that Will Smith is the solution or only hope in settling this anarchy as he swiftly makes his way through the congested street. The explosion of the bridge also informs the audience the narrative is set in New York implied by being a landmark of the city. Already in the exposition, the visual conventions have provided an engaging and well informed construction of dystopian qualities and information about the plot itself.
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...n earth is not alone” create engagement and curiosity. The montage sequence of Will barricading his home and the sheer sunset reflecting from the window informs that the protagonists are vulnerable to night. The bird’s eye view shot of Will in the bathtub with his dog and hugging a sniper emphasises the protagonist’s vulnerability. This visual construction has really exerted a strong emotional effect for the audience as well as a clear emotional synopsis of a dystopian narrative.
The visual construction plays an important role in establishing the plot and enticing viewers to a dystopian story. It is the finishing touches which makes a movie a masterpiece. The combination of visual effects including montages, camera angles and tempo was structured brilliantly in the I am Legend and as a result was successful in demonstrating key qualities of a dystopian fiction.

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