Analysis Of ' Humphrey 's Atmosphere ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Humphrey 's Atmosphere ' Essay

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Humphrey’s Atmosphere
As I drive along the roads of Flagstaff, a few things immediately dawn on the mind; it seems like a place that would be used as some sort of cinematic scene in a movie. The air smells as though it would be something from a local garden; scenery that would be portrayed in a painting. The colors are seen as bright and vivid, with all different kinds of hues sprawled across the land for what seems like an infinite plane. Trees fly by at breakneck speeds as I drive by. Trying to focus on one thing seems impossible as all of the landscape speeds by in an instant, just to be replaced by something else. Flagstaff seems as though it is a place that was never intended for an automobile. I grab my bag setting out for my next adventure.
As I step outside of my car and step onto the thick dirt roads and trails that weave throughout the endless forest that surrounds Flagstaff, it seems somewhat overwhelming at first. “Which direction should I head next?” I question to myself, as there is so much to be discovered everywhere. My next destination is but a whirl of possibilities racing through my head. As I continue down my decided path, a sound of footsteps follow me. Crunching can be heard, almost as though a person is chewing no matter which way I may turn. Underneath the footsteps lay countless pine needles, sticks, pine cones and rocks to maneuver around.
Each step begins to feel like a leg could fall off at any moment. I have seen the sun move from one far point in the sky to another. The feeling of thirst and exhaustion begin to set in as I avoid more and more obstacles along my path. As I begin to ascend the side of the mountain, making deviations from the trail to avoid the larger than life boulders bl...

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... a fire built, and the heat seemingly kissing my clothes and jacket with it’s warmth,the night has seemingly come to an end. The moon shines strong, with countless tiny holes across the sky, leaking out the same white that it radiates; as though a white light is placed behind a black paper that has slowly aged and torn over time, revealing what was behind it. The feeling of exhaustion from a long day has finally dawned on the mind and my eyelids grow increasingly heavy. With my sleeping bag wrapped around my body, the sounds around me grow louder and louder. Crickets chirp, and embers make a loud pop as they escape the fire and drift into the sky. The smell of campfire lingers in the air as the fire slowly begins to smolder, I have no choice but to give into my exhaustion. My eyelids meet for the last time tonight. With any luck, it can all be done again tomorrow.

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