Essay on Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

Essay on Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

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Violence in The Odyssey
Violence in literature may take any form, whether it be natural disaster like and earthquake or a human based disaster like war (Campbell). In Homer’s The Odyssey both types are found… whether it’s Odysseus’s hardships like making it home or dealing with the wrath of the god Poseidon. Every violent scene has its own reasons, some are more reasonable than others. For instance, the gods were angered by the disobedience of the mortals. This is more reasonable than the killing of the Cyclops. While we always relate violence to men and the gods, women also had their moments of rage, but their violence wasn’t necessarily due to anger. Moreover, violence in The Odyssey is based on jealousy, territorial rights, and last getting revenge. Overall, violence is what makes The Odyssey so intriguing.
One of the most significant examples of violence caused by anger is due to the emotion jealousy. For instance, jealousy played as an accomplice to violence in The Odyssey. One example is when the suitors in Ithaca were planning to kill Telemachus, so that one of them could become king of Ithaca and marry Penelope. The fact they have so much animosity towards Telemachus, shows that jealousy played a part because it gave them the violent mindset to want to kill. When relating jealousy to violence, it focused a lot on materialistic things such as wanting the riches, persons, land, and most of all power. Without having these things in the time of The Odyssey people would get mad and envy others for what they had. They figured that the only way to get what the person had was to fight. In the beginning of the book, Calypso the goddess has Odysseus and is holding him hostage; she receives a message from the god Hermes that she...

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...’s an emotion, but in the Odyssey it ended up happening with the Nymph Calypso, and the suitors back in Ithaca. But the most violent scene had to be when Odysseus and son Telemachus slayed the suitors. Odysseus faced and went through many trials as a man. Women also had their experiences with violence, but it wasn’t due out of anger more like frustration. Penelope struggled with the emotional part of becoming violent. But as before, women were the more emotional beings when they became violent. Overall, violence is what truly made The Odyssey such and intriguing story because heroes are mainly known for their hardships that they faced. This also applies also to Odysseus witty nature that helped him get out of many bad situations. Violence is what makes the story an epic story because there are many circumstances that the hero Odysseus must deal with and fight off.

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