Analysis Of ' Homeland ', Where The Lead Role For This Series Is A Female Cia Agent

Analysis Of ' Homeland ', Where The Lead Role For This Series Is A Female Cia Agent

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In this analysis, we will focus on a new Showtime television series called ‘Homeland’, where the lead role for this series is a female CIA agent, Carrie Mathison. It is very rare for a TV series to have a female to lead the role of a CIA agent, which goes against the norm where normally male are always play the CIA agent role. This particular TV show does not really show sexualize female, but it shows that female should be treated equally as male since she is able to perform task which male usually do. The lead character Carrie, set example of a strong example of a successful women in her personal life, where there are people doubting her credibility and success just because she is a women.
As we live in the modern society, with technology living around us, there are still common misconception of gender. Media has been framing gender since the old days where we as the audience are only being feed with information without knowing it. Today, almost every TV shows around the world have hidden messages behind it which could aim at gender roles, what is appropriate and what is not for females and males. Most TV shows represent women as sexist and they are being treated unequal to men. As the global society is changing rapidly, the old stereotyping of women in the society is slowly changing.
The way that media portrayed in media for a long time is always as a sex objects in media. For instance, a real life example is advertisement. How companies always portrayed women in a way where it will attract male and female audience to buy their product. In today’s media, possession of a ‘sexy body’ is presented as women’s key source of identity (Rosalind Gill, 2007, 149). As the old stereotyping of women changing from the past, there...

... middle of paper ... get more information, and confirming if the intel she got from Iraq is true. Although she does not get any concrete evidence yet, she continues the surveillance by herself, showing she will do anything to protect her country, even though it is illegal. After a while, Carrie developed a sexual relationship with Brody, trying to retrieve more information from him by having a relationship with him, without his wife knowing about their relationship. Then, while having a romantic relationship in a cabin, Brody found out Carrie’s intention after he found a gun in the drawer. Carrie admits that she is suspicious of Brody being brainwashed by the Al-Qaeda. Later then, Brody report her action to her supervisor after Brody realizes that Carrie is starting to become unstable, and kept on trying to call him, where later she was taken off from duty after doing illegal things.

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