Analysis Of Hillman & Moore : The Family Essay

Analysis Of Hillman & Moore : The Family Essay

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Introduction to Hillman & Moore: The Family

The concept of Eros is the personification of life, love, and the psychological function of relationships on the subconscious level. Carl Jung organized these elements of sex called the anima (in men) and animus (in women) as a source of subconscious thinking. As a result, to enhance the importance of Eros, Hillman and Moore establish the assertion that the soul searches for familial significance through myths and archetypes based on this concept. In this paper, I will introduce Hillman/Moore’s reasoning to why and how they determined the meaning of family value by examining the four emotional moments in family life (False Identity, Relatives and in-laws, Family meals, Going back home) and I will add my analysis to their claims in accordance to life’s observation and experience. The family is an archetype that is a source of human development, by which it primarily shapes the foundation of the soul.
Family has been an important aspect in human history. The lessons, the knowledge, and the influence the Family has on the soul are essential to the psychology of Eros. By accepting the importance of the family archetype, Moore maintains the notion that “It’s possible to look at anything through the image of family . . . [and] the family serves as a metaphor” to develop the soul (193). Through the image of the family, the soul encounter lessons and experiences that contributes to laying the foundation it needs to live on with a purpose of maintaining Eros. Therefore, Hillman argues the idea of family members as myths: the abandoned child, the hero’s mother, the senex, the puer.
Hillman warns against these mythical figures of family as they can unproblematic for the soul. For the soul to foll...

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...0). The home is a sanctified place for me to regress back to my younger years as a child. My younger siblings who still live with my parents remind me to continue to live my personal life with roles and duties I must attend to, yet I should not sacrifice youthful thinking for the sake of becoming old.
It is justifiable for the soul to accept Eros as a key facet in comprehending and appreciating the myth of the family. Life, Love and the psychological function of relationships that occurs on the subconscious level dictates in how the soul will continue to live on with the purpose of keeping the family myth and archetype alive. The anima in men and the animus in women assert the soul in the significance based on this myth and archetype. Hillman and Moore 's reasons and theories can determine in why and how the family value is so crucial for the jubilation for the soul.

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