Essay on Analysis Of Hill 's Like White Elephants

Essay on Analysis Of Hill 's Like White Elephants

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The setting of a story gives readers insight to the main characters. Setting is the time and place where an event occurs. It can help set the mood, influence how the characters behave, and reveal the circumstances of the main characters. In Hemingway 's “Hill 's like White Elephants”, the setting reveals the circumstances of the main characters; Jig and the American. In this short story the setting is the surroundings of the characters which include; the train station, vegetation, landscape, and weather. The story explores the struggles of a couple who are arguing whether or not to have an abortion. Their thought process and their beliefs are shown through the setting. Three main aspects of setting in this story are the train station which represents the situation the couple are in, the landscape which symbolizes the girls ' conflict with the important decision, and the surrounding area and atmosphere such as the white hills, heat, and flies which represent decision changes, heated discussion, and irritability. All these points create understanding, and allow readers to imagine the struggles.
Characteristics of the train station are used effectively to symbolize the circumstances of the main characters. A train station is not a final destination for any by-passer who finds themselves in one, rather, it is a mere stopping point which must be left. Similarly, at this time in the story the girl has not made a final decision, but a decision must be made. Train stations are crossroads for people who are traveling from one point to another. Likewise, the couple are at a crossroads in their relationship. The couple has the choice of either staying together or parting ways. The couple has a choice of which road they will travel. The tr...

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...the irritability which is being experienced. The couple, and more so the girl, are becoming irritated with each other throughout their conversation. The American is pressuring the girl into following through with the abortion, but the girl doesn 't want to keep hearing this. The landscape surrounding the train station symbolizes the difficult decision making and how it is affecting the couples emotions.
The setting of a short story plays a major role in imitating the main characters ' circumstances. There are many factors that construct setting, as shown in “Hills like White Elephants”. The train station, landscape, and surrounding area all contribute to establishing a strong vantage point of the characters ' situation, emotions, and circumstances. This story in particular is built upon its setting and the characters ' circumstances can be easily withdrawn from it.

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