Essay on Analysis Of ' Hidden Miracles Of The Natural World '

Essay on Analysis Of ' Hidden Miracles Of The Natural World '

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Some people may claim that they have witnessed nature’s true beauty, but truth is, there is much more to it than meets the eye. Humans can analyze, capture moments, and get clear understandings of nature just from looking at it with the naked eye, but there is so much more we are missing. Some actions in nature occur way too fast for our eyes to realize what has happened, others simply occur too slowly where we fail to recognize a change happening. Other actions in nature are missed because they happen in remote areas where humans are scarcely found, and having the ability to access these areas is not an easy task. The talks I have chosen to write about come from Louie Schwartzberg, whose video is titled “Hidden Miracles of the Natural World” and from Karen Bass whose video is titled “Unseen footage, untamed nature.” This paper will discuss how the talks relate to environmental science, and will also explain how the talks are connected with one another.
Over the semester, I come to realize that most of our discussions in class are based around the thought of how we see the environment on a personal level. Our text book by Karr et al. (2015) refers to environmental science as, “the studies of the natural world and how humans interact with and impact it” (Infographic 1.1). I would completely agree with this definition as I have come to understand that environmental science is all about our direct or indirect interactions and relationships with the environment all around us. We make inferences about solutions, problems, and ideas based on what we learn in class and the type of lifestyle choices each of us makes. Overall, we all see, and impact the environment in different ways.
In “Hidden miracles of the Natural World,” Schwartz...

... middle of paper ...

...mans did not have the ability to carefully observe before, but are now easily observable today with the use of fine pieces of film technology.
Overall, both speakers have a presentation that would not have been possible without the use of certain film technology. Before, we were blind to such wonderful events, but with the use of today’s technology, we are now able to see what we have been missing all these years. There are other forms of technologies other than film equipment that can help us learn new things from observing nature in its many natural forms, living and nonliving. This paper just reflects the few that were described in the talks. Hopefully, one day everyone will realize how important it is to try and preserve what parts of the natural world we have left. We need nature and its ingenious devices. Without it, environmental science will cease to exist.

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