Essay about Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's ' A Dolls House '

Essay about Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's ' A Dolls House '

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The play “ A Dolls House” written by Henrik Ibsen is a play centered on Nora the main character and her husband Torvald Helmer. The play was published on December 4, 1879 back when times were different then they were today. Ibsen was well known as “ the father of modern drama” and his play was directed towards the position of women in society. The play “A Dolls House” shows that when a man does not show his wife her equality it can become a big loss for himself.
The play begins on Christmas Eve, Nora arrives at her house and her husband Torvald Helmer hears her walking in the house saying is that my “little squirrel”(I.6). Torvald calling his wife squirrel begins to show the disrespect he has for his wife calling her an animal name is truly a sign that Torvald believes the wife or women in this world are just creatures. Torvald also gets mad at Nora for going out the day before Christmas to get gifts for the family because he is fixing to get a promotion at his job, and Nora feels like there would be no need to “economise”(I.11). “Nora is the “doll wife” of Torvald”(Gale Research, Cengage Learning). When Torvald gets onto Nora for excessive spending and treats her like a child about it, her response is as of a child as she flirts and pouts with her husband. When Nora has been viewed by her husband as a child and treated like one that should explain why Nora acts like a child in her response to Tolvard about excessive spending. Nora and Torvald’s relationship is stated to be like “Nora and her father’s relationship”, so that could be a reason why Nora would be with a man like Torvald because it reminds her of a relationship she had with her father.
Not treating your spouse with respect towards their independence can be...

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...nest in this marriage Nora decided to divorce Torvald. Nora stated towards Tolvard that when a “wife deserts her husband he is legally freed” (III.293). When Nora stated that line towards Torvald she is letting him know she never wants anything to do with him and only sees him as a “stranger”( III.305).
The play “A Dolls House” was a play that helps spark change in the culture. This play takes one through the journey of the misery Nora goes through as her husband Torvald has treated her like a child. Torvald’s biased towards his feminist views is what ended his marriage with Nora. Torvald never giving his wife her independence and treating her bad so he could feel good about himself ended becoming his lose in the end. This play shows how crucial it is that one must share equality and respect with everyone because in the end if one does not then one can end up alone.

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