Analysis Of Hennepin County 's Theory And Human Resource

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Hennepin County has overarching values that influences management and human resource. Although, human resources (HR) department plays strategic administrative role for county departments. HR is not considered a business line, because it does not generate income. Hennepin County defines HR as a business partner that supports and advises county department’s leaders with decision-making process that provides alternative ways to reach their objective while ensuring legal compliance. HR explain how legislative rules, labor agreements apply in cases and propose what actions to take depending on the objective. Hennepin county business partner performs assessments while providing integrated services as needed in order to effectively meet needs of organization. Workforce planning allows the organization to prevent overstaffing and understaffing. For example: If the organization is over staffed the operational expense will incur a loss on the income statement due to excess payroll cost. Although, having the appropriate number of skilled employees in place is key because, having fewer employees will cause a loss in sales or lose existing customers (Mello, 2015). Even though, Hennepin County is a non- profit government entity we value our customers and we put our customers first. The County Administration staff identifies with internal and external environments and makes recommendations to the county board and implements policies. The County Administration staff provides leadership to the organization and assures effective delivery of county services. HR provide services for county departments to enhance performance, engage employees and excel in delivering result. In addition, to providing HR programs with innovative solutions to ac... ... middle of paper ... ...ity and provide a list of potential candidates for consideration--this is a voluntary job change (Hennepin County, 2016). I believe, HR business partner, necessary steps to identify future hiring demands across industries for all departments: County Administration, Public Health, Human Resources, Operations, Public Works, and Public Safety. Although, gaps and barriers were identified they also partnered with organization to develop training classes and internship program. Also, Mello, identified elements of the business strategy by incorporating diversity, human and business resource to provide the basis to identify aggregate and succession planning. My organization’s business partner followed the same strategy. However, at this time, it too early to develop a concrete strategy for the 2020 to ensure the 10,000 expected jobs will have potential eligible candidates.

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