Analysis Of Hayao Miyazaki 's Princess Mononoke Essay examples

Analysis Of Hayao Miyazaki 's Princess Mononoke Essay examples

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Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke is a development of Japanese animation that can be seen as a romantic fable of two characters that were brought together through one cause; however, Miyazaki’s film can be seen as a Japanese cultural production. It is seen as a cultural production because it shows elements of Shinto through the Kami and the use of water for purification, as well as the female stereotype reversal that was quite dominant in the time of the Heian period. The characters in Princess Mononoke interact with the kami (gods or spirits) when they are in sacred sites or areas that assist in the contact. In Princess Mononoke, the mountain is the place where the characters make contact with the kami, which is their Shinto shrine because “originally there were no shrine building; rather, a shrine was simply a sacred precinct set apart in a certain area or around a sacred object such as a tree or stone” (Earhart, 1982, 34-35). The most prevalent kami in Princess Mononoke is the spirit of the forest. The article Journal of Religion and Popular Culture says “The deities of heaven and earth that appear in the ancient texts and also the spirits enshrined in the shrines; furthermore, among all kinds of beings—including not only human beings, but also such objects as birds, beasts, trees, grass, seas, mountains, and so forth—any being whatsoever which possesses some eminent quality out of the ordinary, and is awe-inspiring, is called kami” (Wright, 2005, 2). Consequently, this quote shows that anything can be a kami to people who believe it as awe-inspiring, in the film, the forest spirit was the kami that was better known. Being that there was a forest spirit, it shows the “continuity between humanity and nature” (Wright, 2005, 2). ...

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...makes all of the decisions. Lady Eboshi is portrayed as “a role model for the town’s women who have fled the patriarchal society” (Kyu Hyun, 2002, 44). Lady Eboshi was figuring out the weight of the guns she says “it’s still too heavy for the girls” (Miyazaki, 1997) which implies that the women were the ones using the weapons to fight as warriors. In Japan, women had a lot more power than what women did in the west and Princess Mononoke shows that with the reversal of gender roles. Miyazaki’s film Princess Mononoke is not a film about two characters romantic love fable, but it is a Japanese cultural production that shows elements of Shinto, and the reversal of female stereotypes. Shinto is shown through contact with the kami and the use of water for purification. The reversal of female stereotypes is shown through the women’s independence and their high social status.

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