Essay on Analysis Of Harold 's Management Display

Essay on Analysis Of Harold 's Management Display

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2. Influeces on Harold 's management display

Harold is a self-taught person and it would be unusual if he would not be influenced by anything or anybody. Information from the company and his own experiences have helped him to build his managerial style.
A crucial mistake was made by the organization when no training and information on what they wanted from him were offered to Harold. Additionally, that mistake was even bigger because it had been made at the time of big changes in the company. As well, apart from his lack of knowledge in management he does not have any knowledge in one of his sections’ tasks so he is not able to help. Furthermore, the staff does not completely know how to perform their job either, because they are having a problem adapting to the new technology. Naturally, Harold does not want to lose his position of the manager so he has adapted his style to defend his job even though he is not capable of doing it. Not with the knowledge he has. Minimum work done in order to keep the job has become Harold’s motto (Wright 1996). The easiest way to achieve this is to avoid any responsibilities, in this case, with blaming staff and their laziness for second-class results. This might be his response to the fact that he basically has almost no idea how to be a manager.
One of the personal variables influencing Harold’s pattern of management is that he has been employed with the company for almost 20 years. He was influenced by the old leadership style and he tasted it on his own skin. In years he was working as a typesetter there were old working methods and printing of the paper was not subcontracted, so the internal structure was probably different. Moreover, he might think that considering his status in the compa...

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...should be crucial. Therefore, some form of team-building should be provided by the company. People should realize the importance of feedback (Huczynski and Buchanan 2013).
Majority of the tasks include machines and are boring. Therefore, the staff, as well as a manager, should have a training on understanding new technology and on the best way how to perform their tasks (Cole and Kelly 2015).
Lastly, manager should ‘build’ strong feedback channels and all the ideas and goals should be shared with staff. Furthermore, workers should be supported and shown that they should not be afraid for their jobs constantly (Mullins 2010)
Ms Willis should set a few long-term goals for his company: Buy a printing machine capable of producing the NEN, build a customer support line for the paper and more important for ‘jobbing printing’ and reduce waste to provide a lower price.

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