Essay about Analysis Of ' Great Rock And Roll Pauses ' By Jennifer Egan

Essay about Analysis Of ' Great Rock And Roll Pauses ' By Jennifer Egan

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Use of Imagery
The power of a picture being that of a thousand words, is true to the sense that not everyone has the same ideals, thoughts, behaviors, and assumptions as anyone else. In order to captive the reader why not put pictures into the work and let them put the images and own assumptions into their heads. Jennifer Egan did just that in her work A Visit from the Goon Squad a novel in which each story is published as its own piece, then put into one whole book. Meaning that each chapter is an image she is painting independently in the mind of her readers. Each chapter is that of a thousand words can be interpreted in many different ways, like the way she did her chapter 12 “Great Rock and Roll Pauses”. Her vision is only concluded by a PowerPoint slideshow that causes the reader to pause and take their time to read. Egan chose to do this to make a point in this chapter with her use of imagery, character usage, and plot line, but also keeping intact the use of her theme being life and time are goons, implying the way that time and fate cruelly take most of the book 's characters innocence, youth, and successes.
With the idea that a normal chapter is written out, Egan choose to make a point in this chapter with the imagery she used. Egan is showing us the change of generations with the chapter being in the shape of a PowerPoint journal. This is important to take in because it shows us all of what Egan thinks is important through the eyes of Sasha’s daughter Alison. How this works is because Alison is the main character of the chapter but she is also good with technology which most kids in the future are. This kind of imagery isn’t used very often which is a unique way to map out the chapter to get a better sense of who she is...

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...d such an amazing author taking these journeys with the characters. It is difficult and needs time and interpretation in order to move on in the book and understand what is going on. Each person in each story has a different life and a different choices to make in their stories. To make these characters come alive on the page and in their own way she made them all have realistic personalities and issues that many people can relate to. All in all, Jennifer Egan made all of these stories with their own twists and turns and what makes this overall one of the best books to read is reader’s interpretation. She used the minds of her readers to make the story flourish. In the end Jennifer Egan is going to be the only one that truly can interpret the book the way she meant it to be, due to every person having their own life interpretations to make these stories their own.

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