Essay about Analysis Of ' Great Production '

Essay about Analysis Of ' Great Production '

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“I 'm living in that 21st Century doin ' something mean to it, do it better then anybody you ever seen do it, screams from the haters got a nice ring to it, I guess every superhero need his theme music.” Many people believe modern day Hip-Hop contains nothing but blasphemy, profanity and references to narcotics, despite these contrary beliefs Hip-Hop is still an outlet for rappers/artists to express their thoughts and opinion through lyrical composition. Artist work night and day to compose what they see as a masterpiece, they always wish to create new and better works from their pervious album. Many factors come into play when determining whether an album lives up to it’s pre-release hype and being classified as one of the best works of the century. An album must be lyrically strong, have impeccable composition, depth behind the story, great production, grabs the attention of the listeners and enjoyable over an extensive period of time.
Using Eminem as a gateway into Hip-Hop during my middle school days, understanding and analyzing lyrics throughout other LP’s became effortless. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West is truly remarkable and a work of art for that decade and possibly for the century as well. If you’ve yet to figure out, the starting lyrics were extracted from this album. For Kanye West, releasing new and creative styles of works is crucial, each album of his utilizes a new element, all of his albums from “College Dropout” to “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” reflect and support this statement, his listeners can concur as well.
Musical and lyrical composition are the most essential criteria out of the few criteria listed earlier. These two criteria work simultaneously, artist and producers have to ...

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...ce for the best song of 2010 in my opinion and others.
The remaining songs in this album fall under the great production, and enjoyable to listen category, when listening to the album as a whole and the grabs the attention of the listeners. Songs like “Blame Game,” and “Hell of a Life” make give the album a since of enjoyment and brings laughter to those able to imagine the scenario created by the artist.
Kanye West’s main producer Mike Dean is well accredited for throughout the album for his tremendous production with the beats. A large portion of this album all are enjoyable throughout time. This album was released in 2010 however it’s always a go to album for me. This album checks off each and every single criterion needed for an album to be considered a masterpiece. It is lyrically strong, musically composition with great elements, grabs the attention of the

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