Analysis of Great Lakes Airlines’ Portfolio Essay examples

Analysis of Great Lakes Airlines’ Portfolio Essay examples

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This portfolio for Great Lakes Airlines will give business details about the airline’s operations and finances. It includes a brief history, financial performance and current economic standing, route structure and airport hub strategies, aircraft scheduling and fleet management, personnel, pricing schemes and fare wars, marketing, codeshares and alliances, and charter, freight, and contract services.
Great Lakes Airlines has been operating for almost 30 years, although the name has not always been the same. It started out as Spirit Lake Airways in 1977, providing charter flights, flight instruction, and aircraft maintenance out of Spirit Lake, Iowa. In 1981, with the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 having removed all restrictions on “entry into domestic service” (Wensveen, 2011), Great Lakes was free to fly its first scheduled passenger flight. In August of 1985, the airline began landing at Chicago O’Hare airport through a lottery type system that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) uses to assign landing slots at busy airports. The next big step for the airline was in 1988 when they “acquired Alliance Airlines’ route structures and its Chicago O’Hare landing slots, greatly enhancing the company’s presence at Chicago O’Hare” (Great Lakes Airlines, 2014). From there, Great Lakes went on to secure landing slots at Denver’s Stapleton Airport in 1991. Despite the decline in regional carriers in the early 90’s, in 1994 this airline managed to go public with its stocks and use the profits to purchase larger aircraft. After operating like this for a few more years, Great Lakes Aviation became a regional partner with United Airlines, flying routes to cities in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and Nebraska ...

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