Analysis Of ' Grayson ' Comic Writers Tim Seeley And Tom King Essay

Analysis Of ' Grayson ' Comic Writers Tim Seeley And Tom King Essay

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"Grayson" comic writers Tim Seeley and Tom King fail to understand the difference between empowerment vs. sexualization which Richard Grayson [main protagonist] is deemed less of an empowered hero and turned into an icon of sexual humiliation. Starting with the concept of male objectification, the question of, ‘Does it Matter?’ arises in terms of discussion. It’s a simple answer: Yes. It does matter and it’s very important to consider even if males fall into the lower percentages of molestation and rape. Yet it is always been a popular opinion that males cannot actually be victims of sex crimes. Society, more importantly, Male society as a whole has always been shouting, “Guys can’t be objectified!” or the rather common statement: “He should’ve taken it like a man!” And a favorite, agreeing that they CAN be objectified yet saying it “Cannot hurt them.” Considering these statements are simply strengthening the practice of dehumanization within the male population, the issue that needs to be taken into consideration is that males could be legally raped in the United States as of the year 2013. (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
Even to this date, countries still maintain the idea of ‘Men cannot be raped.’ Back when Grayson was raped in one of his comics (image 1), Nightwing Issue #87 (2004), he could not have gone to a court of law about this matter if he wanted to. This is still a largely unknown problem to modern society, that people still disregard by saying “males like it” or “because it happens to females so much who cares if it happens to guys.” The problem with how society sees this, is that many people think that males cannot be hurt when treated as sexual objects: “A recent study [shows] that college male victims (who re...

... middle of paper ... the writer chose to not make them care. A perfect example of someone who does this is comic book artist Frank Cho. Driving a nice amount of people up a wall with his, “women are so silly making a big deal about sexual objectification in comics”.
It’s easy to realize that everyone is familiar with this happening to females, but considering how much audiences dislike it when it happens to females, what good is it when it happens to a male? Taking into consideration that this comic is being targeted at a female audience it doesn’t make it ok to reduce males to the female gaze as a way to “get back at” the industry. It’s the classic, “two wrongs don’t make a right” argument. It is a harmful, for dehumanizing behavior to be normalized. In past comics, Dick did notice when he was being noticed sexually, and he even stated when he was uncomfortable with it (image 12).

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