Essay about Analysis Of ' Goodbye, Columbus ' By Phillip Roth

Essay about Analysis Of ' Goodbye, Columbus ' By Phillip Roth

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I have always maintained a captivation with the “how and why”, how things work, and why they work in that way. This mindset, however provokes most to believe that my enthusiasm comes only through courses, which have a more scientific or analytical backbone, generally involving theories and data. When I was younger, I also thought this; I saw courses such as literature as uninteresting, and even a waste of my time. But, as I have grown my premature perspectives have developed, expanding my own interest in topics previously foreign to me. Broadening my attitude I have been able to find appreciation in the stories I read for their introspective themes and characters. I’m particularly enthralled by what one can learn about others, simply by analyzing characters in short stories and novels. I’m very keen on knowing the reasoning behind other’s opinions and actions, knowing this gives one a more astute knowledge of the world and society. “Goodbye, Columbus” by Phillip Roth, offers a superb example of a story, which centers on the thoughts and decisions of the characters. In this novel the lead characters, Neil and Brenda, each have their own type of standards and expectations, so unsurprisingly when they meet, there is a clash between their conflicting viewpoints. As readers, we can envelop our minds into this story, understanding the opinion and reasoning of both characters. These multiple perspectives allow the reader to take away an understanding, of how these characters interacted, this is wisdom that the reader can adopt in their own lives with how they interact and relate with other people. On the other hand, Stories such as the “Ghost Map” by Steven Johnson produce little of the same effect. This story, for the most part, fixated...

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...ose decided on in a moment.
In the end, I can say that reading “The Accountant” not only gave me a better understanding of the characters in this story, but from those characters I believe that I have a better understanding of, how people in general think and act. Most specifically I feel that the conflict between the two characters in this story has allowed me to gain perspective when it comes to people who intentionally try to act at odds with each other. Also, I believe that this stories introduction of new themes and topics have allowed me only to further realize that there are many experiences and knowledge that can be gained through reading. Lastly, by reading “The Accountant” I have learned that I’m particularly drawn to stories with a past tense first person narrative, because I feel one can connect the best with the protagonist through these type of stories.

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