Analysis Of ' Going Mobile ' On Netflix Essay

Analysis Of ' Going Mobile ' On Netflix Essay

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That ‘70s Show S6: E24 “Going Mobile” on Netflix
Figure of reasoning (or thought): Enthymeme
An enthymeme is a figure of reasoning that is less formal than a syllogism. It is the method of reasoning used more often in day to day rhetoric. An enthymeme is basically a syllogism without one of the premises. An enthymeme requires the listener to make an assumption or fill in themselves the missing piece of information. This can make the logic seem more valid because the listener has to assume something. For instance, while fitting Donna in her wedding dress, Mrs. Forman states, “Laurie, it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in a wedding dress. Make sure Eric doesn’t come in.” If someone heard this outside the context of the episode, then they can assume from the one premise and conclusion that Eric is the groom. Eric being the groom is the assumption to be made. The syllogism equivalent would be something along the lines of “It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in a wedding dress. Eric is Donna’s groom. So, Eric should be kept out.”
Figure of reasoning (or thought): Simile
Figures of reasoning (or thought) such as simile can be concerned with the style of rhetoric. A simile is a method of comparing two or more things while using the terms “like” or “as.” In the episode, Mr. and Mrs. Forman go with Eric and Donna to see their mobile home. Mr. Forman says to Eric, “Son, living here is a real bad idea. There’s no privacy. Where will you hide if Donna has a chore for you? You’ll have to dive under the trailer.” Then, Mrs. Forman says, “Honey, would you help me unload some groceries from the car?” Mr. Forman tells Eric, “See what I mean? I’m cornered, like an animal.” Mr. Forman uses a simile to compare his situation to...

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...emotion, and cataplexis is a figure of pathos aimed at provoking an emotional reaction by threatening or predicting retribution for a wrongdoing. After the wedding party waits over two hours for the groom Eric to show up, everyone assumes he is not coming and become upset. Jackie states, “I’m gonna make him pay for this. I’m not strong, but I know a lot of ways to destroy men emotionally.” She is making a threat regarding Eric to destroy him emotionally in order to get payback for him leaving without telling anyone where he was going and for not showing up to his own wedding rehearsal. Jackie is not predicting for something bad to happen to Eric as a result of his wrongdoing, but she explicitly states that she is going to make him pay. She even goes on to say how he will pay. She is expressing her outrage with Eric while trying to quell the disappointment of Donna.

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