Analysis Of Goblin Market The Main Idea On The Surface Essay examples

Analysis Of Goblin Market The Main Idea On The Surface Essay examples

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In Goblin market the main idea on the surface is about a bond between two sisters but below the surface lies this poem is about the idea the being gay or having sex with someone of the same gender is not a bad thing either you are gay or just experimenting it’s not a bad thing and nor does this take away any purity from you.

Towards the beginning of this poem where Laura gives the goblins a piece of her hair for this fruit, basically she’s giving a piece of herself for this fruit which kind of like the first time you have sex. You give up your virginity to Experience that, and for some their virginity is a big thing for them especially religious people who want to stay pure for marriage. After this Laura goes on a complete down turn and begins to be sick and might die showing that her purity is gone and she’s needs the fruit again but the goblins won’t help because they already have her purity she’s useless to them. The Goblins are considered men in this poem so the idea that her purity taken by men indicates that they had a heterosexual in counter. So now Laura has lost her purity from have what is considered normal in this day and age having sex with some of the alternate gender.

So when Lizzie goes to help her “sister” and her encounter with the goblins was violent and some describe as rape. She has this fruit tried to be shoved down her throat and the goblins demand she take this fruit. This is exactly like when some kids try to tell their parents that they are gay and their parents don’t like this so they do everything they can to try to make you not gay anymore. People get sent to different camps and programs it’s like having all heterosexual things shoved right into your face. Rossetti’s uses this anlage to show how v...

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...r. This thing they did together gave them a bond and Rossetti is saying that having this encounter with one another gives you a bond with each other for the rest of your life.

Laura in the beginning had a heterosexual encounter with goblins and lost her purity, or just tried to like men and didn’t like it. Then Lizzie goes and faces prosecution for being gay and has heterosexual things just shoved in her face but faced them and because she loves Laura. Then has sex with Laura which gives her her purity back showing that when you truly love someone your love is pure. Then Laura grows up and has her own children now and she tells them about what her ‘sister’ did for her and shows that they have a bond that will last forever. From this story the main idea that Rossetti is trying to show that no matter what as long as you love someone no matter what that love is pure.

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