Analysis of Global Expansion and Interaction by David Ringrose Essay

Analysis of Global Expansion and Interaction by David Ringrose Essay

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Global Expansion and Interaction by, David Ringrose is about global history and civilization in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. World expansion between 1200 and 1700 offers a helpful perspective on the world since 1950. (Pg.4) The theme presented in the book is the global history during 1200 to 1700 and is displayed in a cross-cultural and comparative manner. By examining the five key fields of conflict, from Imperial China to the Aztec and Inca Empires, he demonstrates how cultural, economic, and political areas of impact overlapped and expanded. By 1700 this chaotic expansion had created a world of cultural, religious, and commercial interdependence. (Pg.6) The author observes that, by 1700, Europeans were effective around the world, but were not yet dominant in over a few parts and, as of 1700, their influence in the 19th century would’ve been difficult to anticipate.
The concept of globalization which is very recent but the term has been present all through history. Expansion, whether imperial or cultural, was hardly new in 1200 CE. (Pg.6) Globalization starts to take great altitude from the Industrial Revolution in England, which was the most established country at that time period. Great intellectuals established theories of international trade that have lasted all this time since they are accurate and reliable. These theories are established on what is called the principle of comparative advantage. They assert that, every country should be dedicated to making those products that are more organized than others.
Globalization is the process of social, technological economic, and societal scale, which involves increase communication and interdependence among countries of the world by combini...

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In conclusion David R Ringrose stated in the book that political and military expansion is the most common way of presenting expansion is in terms of extension of political control. Expansion is defined as to enlargement of one’s territorial growth. The Mongol empire also provided a framework for economic expansion. (Pg.8). Spain had an important role in the exploration of the civilization, the innovation period of the Renaissance and the age of exploration time of the world. Spain and the Spanish Mongol empire, empire shows how a series of independent societies became interdependent on a global scale by 1700. The Mongol empire did not last long compared with other empires, but it helped set a stage for a new phase in world history. (Pg.5)

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Ringrose, David R. Expansion and Global Interaction, 1200-1700. New York: Longman, 2001. Print.

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