Essay Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Unicorn '

Essay Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Unicorn '

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They hadn 't gotten very far before Longflame began to show signs of distress, he began to have difficulty breathing and little curls of flame emanated sporadically from his mouth. Ernst called for a halt, he and George managed to get the dragon off of the unicorns back and onto the ground.
“Keep his head pointed away from me,” Ernst said. “I don 't want him to accidentally burn me, he 's only semi-conscious. “ Ernst examined Longflame carefully, but could find no reason for the dragon 's sudden decline.
“What 's wrong with him?” George asked.
“I don 't know, maybe internal bleeding or it could be some kind of slow poison in the beast 's bite. I don 't know what to do Georgie.”
“Estua!” George exclaimed. “She seemed to know something about the brumble beasts, I 'll be back as soon as I can, try to keep him alive until I get back.” George jumped on the unicorn 's back. “Back to the lake Corny, as fast as you can!”
They arrived at the lake in two minutes.
“ESTUA! ESTUA!” Georgie called.
No answer.
“Run around the lake Corny, we 've got to find her!”
George continued to call out her name as they flew around the lake. There was a little hut up ahead and Estua emerged from it at a run as they approached. She was wearing a loose fitting pink dress.
“What 's wrong George!”
“One of us was bitten by a brumble beast, I think he 's dying!”
“Take me to him, I may be able to help.”
George pulled her up behind him and Corny raced backed to Longflame, George was relieved to find the dragon was still alive when they got to him. Estua jumped down and knelt at the dragon 's side. She shrieked and jumped back when a spurt of flame erupted from Longflame 's mouth.
George turned the dragon 's head sideways and Estua laid her hands on him and closed...

... middle of paper ...

... her hands on her hips watching him.
“ESTUA! What the hell are you waiting for? Get the dragon and get out of here!” George turned his attention back to the monster in front of him, “HEY, DON 'T LOOK AT HER, LOOK AT ME.” George waved his arms frantically. “COME ON YOU BIG DUMMY, COME AND GET ME!”
“What are you doing George? Why are you calling her names?”
George couldn 't believe his eyes Estua was right behind him, seemingly unaware of the gravity of their danger. George grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the woods to the right of the giant carnivore. “Come on Estua, we 've got to get you out of here!”
Estua pulled her arm loose and said, “Calm down George, it 's only Cordelia, she doesn 't eat other intelligents. You really aren 't from around here, are you?”
The Tyrannosaurus chuckled and said in a surprisingly soft voice, “Hello Estua, who 's your new friends?”

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