Analysis Of George Orwell 's Marrakech Essay

Analysis Of George Orwell 's Marrakech Essay

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“Marrakech” by George Orwell enforces the tenets of Said’s view of Orientalism. The superiority of the white man over the browned skinned Moroccan is highlighted in Orwell’s work. Orwell spent six months in Morocco after being wounded in the neck fighting in the Spanish Civil War. He begins this harsh review of Monaco as he sits in a restaurant as a corpse goes by, taking the flies from the restaurant temporary with it. He then comments on the burial ritual, where the body is covered in a cloth, then buried two feet deep in the cemetery, covered by brick or dirt. No gravestone. Two months later no one knows where the body was buried.
He comments that it is difficult to believe you are among human beings. The people have brown faces. He questions if they are really humans. They are born from the ground, sweat and starve and return to the ground. No one knows they were here. Even their grave is soon gone, melting into the others.
Orwell is feeding a gazelle pieces of bread with a municipally worker tells him he could use some bread. Orwell gives the worker some bread and the worker stows it away.
He then comments on the terrible living condition of the Jews. It reminds Orwell of medieval ghettos. The homes are without windows, the roads are narrow, and steams of urine run down their centers. Orwell pulls out a cigarette and is overwhelmed by hordes of Jews all reaching for a cigarette, an almost unobtainable luxury. Yet for all their poverty, Orwell hears the locals talk of how the Jews own everything. Orwell comments that the Jews are working for a penny-an- hour. No, this is just a ruse, he is told by the locals. Jews have all the money. He compares the Jews to old women who were burned for being witches when they could not pr...

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...s of the Morocco as she condemns the harem and slavery. She speaks of the violence of the Arab tribesman. Orwell condemns Morocco as he spent six months there. He is clearly prejudiced against the brown skinned Moroccans, who he says are invisible to the white man. He decries the abuse of animals more that the poverty of the humans. He warns trouble as the black man form armies and carries guns. However, the 2007 novel of Susanna Clarke, A House in Fez, rejoices in the excitement of the life in Fez and contrasts it to the self-imposed isolationism of Western life, where life is viewed through the lens of a television. Susanna looks beyond the short sightedness of her Western neighbors who say, “They hate us.” Instead she sees the warmth and welcoming nature of the Moroccan people. Her work gives me hope that the prejudices outlined by Said are finally behind us.

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