Essay on Analysis Of George Orwell 's Down And Out

Essay on Analysis Of George Orwell 's Down And Out

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The power of one’s perspective plays a large role in different types of socio-economic positioning. Poverty, a historic and prevalent issue, can be most clearly addressed by evaluating the lifestyles, traits, and characteristics of the lower, middle, and upper societal classes. Likewise, literature offers intensifying insights on the experiences of the destitute. George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London introduces the differentiation of societal perspectives on poverty in order to emphasize the plight of the lower classes and the pride of the upper classes.
Through the linguistics of literature and narrative, Orwell describes social classes and circumstances as they revolve around finances, residency, and employments. Throughout the novel, Orwell uses an interactive first person voice as the narrator instead of a second or third person voice to emphasize an emotional and convincing connection. For example, he introduces Charlie, who was described as a curious specimen due to his diverse nature and character. Within the second chapter, the narrator includes one of Charlie’s stories from an unbiased, journalistic point of view. With the inclusion of this story, Orwell establishes credibility as a narrator, while telling a controversial, drunken story of a novel character for the reader to judge for himself. Moreover, Orwell’s descriptive writing about poverty was described as “an account of his personal search for poverty,” (Buttry 225) in a Penn State University publication from Dolores Buttry. By establishing a credible, emotional connection to the reader, the narrator is able to convey the dichotomy of the lower and upper social classes of England and France.
In Paris and London, the upper social classes particularly vie...

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...ed, and developed of those in similar situations and of those who could never possibly understand poverty since they never had to experience it. Because of this, a chasm forms between the lower and upper classes, dividing the two from unity.
Upon analyzing the perspectives of the lower, working, and upper societal classes on poverty, one can establish evidence towards these opinions affecting the outcomes of economic prosperity and disparity. Whether the lower class exiles itself from the upper class by revolting from the arrogance of the upper class, or the rich distinguishes itself from the lower class by ignoring the plea of the needy, the two sides remain divided. Through the introduction of economic injustice into literature by George Orwell, these socio-economic perspectives have been brought into brighter lights to be examined further and tested additionally.

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