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Analysis Of George A. Romero Essay

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George A. Romero is a highly regarded director in the cinema. He is very widely known for his movies representing social issues that are prominent when his movie is released. These two movies, Night of the Living Dead and Land of the Dead, were not released in the same time period. NOLD was released in 1968, with LOTD not being released until 2005. However, George A. Romero’s style hadn 't wavered in that time period, both scripts are known for bringing social issues to light. Both social issues were difficult for audiences to accept, due to the fact that the social issue Romero brings up isn’t a popular one. These allegories tie into a book written by Douglas Massey, called Categorically Unequal. They are related in the fact of the historical changes Romero brings on by his movies, and the concepts talked about in Massey’s book. Romero is not shy in professing his beliefs, which is very evident if one watches any one of these films. He is not afraid to bring to light the issues that people are afraid to talk about: racism in America and their views on the American government. Both of these films carry a deeper meaning than one may see.

The first of these movies produced is Night of the Living Dead. It was released in 1968. This was really the beginning of the zombie fascination that swept the American culture. This movie followed the 1954 release of Richard Matheson’s books I Am Legend, which first popularized flesh eating zombies (Eggert). Major publication studios refused to release the movie unless Romero changed the movie, especially dialing back on the graphic violence featured throughout the movie. The release came at a time when the Motion Picture Association of America was in the process of creating a rat...

... middle of paper ... class citizens. Gone are the days of Jim Crow laws and Mason Dixon lines. Now are the days of African Americans taking leadership positions, like Ben, and not being doubted. Racial inequality before the Civil Rights Movement was a lot more institutionalized than today. This meaning that racial behaviors were deeply embedded in practices and beliefs (Massey 108). Since then, laws have been created and upheld to banish these ideals. Since they have been eradicated, and whites don’t see any open discrimination around them, most believe it doesn 't exist any longer (Massey 109). As we know, and as mentioned earlier in the text, this is not the case. Romero knew that it would be a long hard road for African Americans to be fully equal. We must extinguish the implicit racial bias that we have grown up with, and that can be only done away with by time itself.

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