Essay on Analysis Of Gatsby 's ' Winter Dreams '

Essay on Analysis Of Gatsby 's ' Winter Dreams '

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Analysis of Illusion in Winter Dreams
How far should someone have to go in order to impress someone in whom he or she is interested? At a young age it is instilled for one to be himself or herself and never to allow anyone or anything to change him or her or make him or her forget their morals. It could be inferred that as children, we are taught this, because with the changing of ourselves only to impress another could soon lead to unhappiness or emotional instability within oneself. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Winter Dreams, Fitzgerald illustrates illusion through Dexter Green’s unconditional attraction to Judy Jones.
The theme of illusion is depicted in the short story through Dexter Green’s change in thought process when it comes to Judy Jones. When Dexter first meets Judy he only describes her physical attributes. From their first encounter it could be inferred that Dexter’s liking stems from his physical attraction to Judy and not personality wise in which they seem to be very different. While Judy seems to be very snobbish, spoiled, and rude, Dexter is humble, balanced, and well mannered. With Dexter’s physical attraction to Judy as seen in the story, it seems to place him under a spell such that; he sets out to make sure that the two of them will be together. Dexter will do anything in order to accommodate what Judy’s desires to secure her love.
In Winter Dreams, illusion is explored through Dexter’s approach towards attracting Judy Jones. Dexter Green believes that attaining wealth would gain him a serious relationship with Judy. Dexter’s idealized perception of Judy is based in his belief that beauty and wealth equates to happiness, and this undermines his ability to know or understand the actual Judy. Dexter appears to ...

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...everything doesn’t come perfect.
In Winter Dreams, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s themes of illusion ties in with societal norms and uses the rhetorical trope of ethos to depict his message to readers. From the passage, one could gather that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s main message is that sometimes what we think will make us happiest isn’t always the case. Through Dexter Greens ambition to do whatever it takes to win over Judy Jones and his downfall in the in proves that one can achieve the American Dream. However, even after one has achieved the American Dream everything won’t always be perfect, and sometimes certain things that we believe will complete us aren’t so. Toward the ending of the passage Fitzgerald brings the entire point of Dexter’s perception of Judy Jones as just being an illusion through the comparison of her and the old home, which was once bright and beautiful. 

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