Analysis Of ' From Dusk Till Dawn ' Essay

Analysis Of ' From Dusk Till Dawn ' Essay

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From Dusk Till Dawn is a film with a plot twist unlike any other. The narrative takes us on a journey with two fugitives: a bank robber named Seth Gecko and his trigger happy, sex-offender brother Richard (Ritchie) Gecko. The two are on the run to Mexico to meet up with a friend named Carlos who will find them sanctuary, picking up hostages along the way. The Geckos kidnap a Christian family in their motorhome to get them across the border, and once they arrive to the rendezvous, the narrative takes a turn for the worst. They are faced with a bar full of vampires and must battle their way to daylight. From the beginning of the story, we are aware of who the “good guys” and “bad guys” are, but our interpretation begins to turn cloudy by the end. Through an analysis of the five principles of narrative form, we can understand the difference (or lack there of) portrayed between good and evil.
Jacob Fuller, a widower minister questioning his own faith, is taking his children on a vacation to Mexico in a motorhome. The Gecko brothers decide to essentially hi-jack the motorhome and force the family to smuggle them across the Mexican border. The motorhome is the most prominent example of function in the narrative. The Fullers make it into Mexico successfully harboring Seth and Ritchie, and we expect that the motorhome has completed its task and has no other function. However, once they arrive to the meeting place, a bar called the “Titty Twister”, they are told they are not welcome. The bartender tells Seth that the bar is for bikers and truckers only. Jacob, who has no other obligation to help the fugitives, decides to be a hero of sorts. He tells the bartender that he has a class two drivers’ license in order to drive a recreational ve...

... middle of paper ... that she is alone, and where does she go? These loose ends create a small disunity, a mystery.
From Dusk Till Dawn is a film that makes you question your interpretation of good and evil. Through function, similarity and repetition, differences and variation, development and unity and disunity, the narrative form of the film we begin to understand that good and evil are not too far apart from each other. Someone like Seth Gecko who is initially seen as an evil person, turns out to be a truly caring person. In contrast, someone who seems as though they are a good person, are capable of evil things; for instance, Kate is a Christian girl but is capable of killing. From Dusk Till Dawn contains a narrative that is full of suspense and surprise that clouds our judgment between what we would normally consider to be good and evil, which is never truly one or the other.

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