Essay about Analysis Of Freud 's ' An Outline Of Psychoanalysis '

Essay about Analysis Of Freud 's ' An Outline Of Psychoanalysis '

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Considering how the brain works, one does not have total control over the mind or subconscious. As individuals, our brain can be manipulated through reformation. Our mind produces thoughts and decisions that are influenced by the outside world. The subconscious is everything that we repress or want to forget.
In Sigmund Freud’s “An Outline of Psychoanalysis”, we encounter the id, ego and the superego. Freud explains that our id controls everything “that is inherited, that is present at birth, that is laid down in the constitution” (Freud 14). Our natural instincts are controlled by the id. The fight for survival is driven by the id in our psyche. The ego “preforms by taking control over the demands of the instincts” (Freud 15) it seeks a safe acceptable pleasure and satisfaction in the decisions we make. The messenger between the id and external world is the ego; it controls all our senses and pleasure seeking desires. Leaded by the ego, the act of self-preservation and rationality of our decisions depend on the ego. Our mental energy contains a part of the ego within our lives. The dominating factor in an individual is “The superego [it] is taken over from other people” (Freud 16).The superego is influenced by external actions, learned behavior from society. Our social ideas are within the superego, it bodies all moral standards, racial ideas, and ethnic. The superego is where our instincts become selfish and destructive, ideas of self-preservation is our instinct of desire to live and our death instincts want to destroy everything in us. An individual can influence our mind by breaking down the ego and superego in us. Our mind can be easily controlled once someone else is dominating our desires and beliefs.
The brain can cause ...

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... The Allegory in the Cave.
Through reform our mind can be controlled by brainwashing and manipulation. You can manipulate anyone by dehumanizing them to a level where they are desperate to do what you wish. A person can be broken down by abuse causing them stress, pain, lack of sleep, food and water deprivation. When you humiliate a person you eliminate any pride in their ego that makes them resilient to manipulation. Through mental and physical abuse you cause exhaustion which produces total surrender. This person will now become dependent on you, you build a love and hate relationship and they now do whatever you want. Whichever the reason you want to brainwash this person, you have to indoctrinate them. Once you have projected all your ideas and demands, you have to tell them that it is for a good cause and they are being part of something beneficial for society.

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