Analysis Of `` Freedom Almost Lost On Translation `` By Patricio Balona Essay

Analysis Of `` Freedom Almost Lost On Translation `` By Patricio Balona Essay

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When people do not have a language in common, an interpreter is used to convert information from one language to another. However, information can be misinterpreted due to the ability of the interpreter. If she or he is not qualified as a professional interpreter, it is most likely he or she will make mistakes that can change the message. The article, “Freedom nearly lost in translation” is about an innocent man who was sentenced to 30 years of prison due to misinterpretation by his court interpreter. In this article, the author uses logos, pathos, and ethos; logos by good formatting and clear understanding of the information; pathos by an emotion appeal to Alfonzo’s case; ethos by the research and court transcript provided by the author.
Patricio Balona is the author of “Freedom nearly lost in translation,” an article about Juan Alfonzo, a man who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for stealing a dump truck valued at $125,000 because his court-interpreter, Marianne Verruno, did not interpret efficiently between the two parties. Alfonzo was unable to communicate in English and was uneducated in his native language of Spanish. Alfonzo pleaded guilty by his interpreter, even though he did not know about his rights or why he was being sentenced. Now, the court officials believe that the court interpreter provided a faulty interpretation. The judged added, “I was not comfortable enough with the translation and that (Alfonzo) did not fully understand his right” (Balona, 2006). An expert evaluated Alfonzo’s case: the interpreter added, deleted, and changed the meaning of the whole message. The interpreter was fired from the court system because she lied by saying she was fluent in Spanish, and she was not certified as a professional...

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...ence on how an untrained interpreter can have an immense impact in courts. An interpreter can also affect or sentence an innocent person. This article has ethos because it shows how the author presented the information and the evidence he provides to show the damage of using an untrained interpreter. By presenting the logos, the author shows the information in a logical order; this made it easy to follow the case and understand the mistakes. The author uses pathos to show the emotional part of this article, which was an innocent man sentenced to jail for lack of communication. Clearly, court interpreters make an impact in the sentencing of a person; therefore, courts should review educational history and make a mandatory requirement for interpreters to be qualified. This method can actually improve the communication between everyone who is involved in a court case.

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