Analysis Of Frederick Douglass 's ' The Golden Door Of Freedom ' Essay

Analysis Of Frederick Douglass 's ' The Golden Door Of Freedom ' Essay

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"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” George Washington Carver spoke with his experience, which means that having knowledge and personal thinking leads to freedom for sure. In essay “Learning to Read and Write” Frederick Douglass describes how he learned to read and write when he was a slave since his childhood. He was challenged by his life of being a slave after he started learning. His enslavers did not want him to learn anything by getting any education. The reason is that getting an education would make him feel worthy and desire to be free. As a slave, education was banned because slavery and education were incompatible. Although his enslavers did everything to stop him learning, he still looked for other ways to learn to read and write since he wanted to become a person not a slave. He thought every human being should have education and freedom. In his story, he was trying to get the key, and to know who he was in order to touch the golden door.
Douglass, was a slave since his childhood, and on his road to have education lay countless difficulties made by his enslavers, but his desire of learning read and write was unshaken. His mistress, who was a kind and tender-hearted woman, taught him the alphabet; the first step was taken so that he got more and more interested about learning. Although his mistress stopped teaching him because of her husband’s precepts and turned into a stonehearted woman after that, he was instructed how to read. He adopted a plan, which was to make friends with all little white boys who he could meet in the street. He bribed those little white children in his neighborhood with bread in order to interchange a lesson for teaching him how to read. This plan was totally successf...

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...believe and asked for proof. So that he wrote letters and asked them to beat him. Through this way, Douglass got many lessons. Furthermore, he copied his book on a wall with chalk and he copied his little master’s copy-books to learn to write when he was left to take care of the house. After several years, with a lot of practice, he finally learned how to write.
In conclusion, Douglass describes how he learned to read and write as a slave in essay “Learning to Read and Write”. By learning to read and write, he set his mind free and started to identity himself; he felt angry with his masters because they did not give him the things should have as a human being, and finally he planned to escape. He was still a slave, and he even wished that he could be uneducated, but he was free in mind because of education. He got the key, found the way, and he was touching the door.

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