Essay Analysis Of Frantz Fanon : Race, Discrimination And Violence

Essay Analysis Of Frantz Fanon : Race, Discrimination And Violence

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Frantz Fanon: Race, Discrimination and Violence
For centuries, race has played an important role in historically shaping identity and preconceived notions due to slavery. African history has been suppressed, which has resulted in the agony and discrimination of colored people. Frantz Fanon, a psychiatrist, crossed disciplines in his life and his writings, always striving to make connections between his insights into the effects of racism and the concrete political steps that poor people needed to take to bring about change. He explained that the people of Algeria needed to use “violence” during The Algerian War to fight for their independence against the French. For Fanon, the rise of corruption, ethnic division, racism, and economic dependence on former colonial states resulted from the “mediocrity” of Africa’s best leadership class.
Algeria had been under French colonial rule for over one hundred years. It was the ‘flagship’ of the French colonial empire. A policy of racial segregation and massive land deficiency was to the disadvantage of indigenous people. The vast majorities of Algerians were kept in overwhelming poverty and suffered methodical wage discrimination, which guaranteed huge profits for French big businesses. On November 1, 1954, the Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) launched a series of guerrilla-type attacks in different parts of the territory, targeting the bases of the colonial power. ‘Front de Liberation Nationale’ was a nationalist organization composed of radical activists who, fed up with the growing conservatism and reformism of the traditional nationalist forces, had decided to ‘light the fuse’ of a general revolt against French rule (Gérôme). The French army responded by terrorizing the Algerians b...

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...istook temporary changes born of extraordinary circumstances for a permanent revolution. ' ' A West Indian atheist in an Islamic nationalist movement, he saw what he wanted to see.
In conclusion, Fanon professed colonialism as a form of power/domination whose necessary goal for success was the reorganization of the world of the indigenous “native” peoples. He saw violence as the major characteristic of colonialism/imperialism. He thought that if violence was a major tool of social control, it may also be an emancipating reaction to the oppression of colonialism and a necessary tool of political engagement. Fanon was very critical of the institutions of colonialism, but he also was a critic of the postcolonial governments, which unsuccessfully failed to achieve freedom from colonial influences and establish a national consciousness amongst the newly liberated public.

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