Analysis Of Franklin 's The New World Essay

Analysis Of Franklin 's The New World Essay

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In the New World where Europeans were still under the assumption that class defines the amount of success you can achieve, Franklin’s story paved a way for the new “American dream” of working hard and prospering from your own doings. Ben Franklin uses his hard work and takes advantage of his opportunities to meet new people as a way to bring himself out of class and create his own prosperity and wealth. Franklin used his family, background (class) and negative friendships to help him succeed in life, rather than stay poor like many Europeans of the New World were doing. The values of working hard, being honest when dealing with others, and not letting your class define, are all values that Franklin impacted America with when this autobiography was published. Whether good or bad these values give each American an equal chance to succeed in life which is why many of these Europeans fled and came to this New World, a New World in which Franklin helped mold a way of life.
Merriam Webster’s dictionary describes the American dream as “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative”, and Ben Franklin’s hard work paved the way for many Americans to come. What makes hard work an American value from Ben Franklins story is that in today’s society people pride themselves on their hard work in order to sustain a living. This concept of hard work is what makes many lives of the people in society today so American. In his autobiography, Franklin says “I was taken home to help my father in his business, which was that of a tallow chandler and soap boiler- a business he was not bred to but had assumed on his arrival…”(Franklin 23). Knowing Ben wa...

... middle of paper ... for many Americans to come when referring to living a successful life in America. With the idea of this new “free” nation that has been developed many Europeans settlers are not used to applying hard work in order to succeed. All of these European settlers have come from a low class and tend to stay in the low class because that was the only option when they lived elsewhere, but Franklin gives them a story to follow and a road to drive on. Because America is now evolving so is this American Dream that so many people were speaking of during this time, and Franklin gives the people of the past, present and future values to follow while pursuing this happiness. Hard work, self-betterment, networking and humility are all GOOD American values that Benjamin Franklin has given to any free American citizen that wants to achieve their final goal of a pursuit of happiness.

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